Hydraulics, timeless and versatile tiles

AUTHOR: DUNE · DATE: 18 April 2018 · CATEGORY: News

Hydraulics, timeless and versatile tiles

In the mid-nineteenth century, Encaustic floor tiles began to be used in bathrooms and kitchens as a symbol of distinction in countries such as France. Nowadays, thanks to its timeless style and its evolution adapting to new trends, they are still vital in interior decoration.

The versatility of these pieces not only catch the attention of people with vintage tastes, but the Encaustic tiles are able to decorate rooms of any style. This type of tiles seeks prominence and therefore is usually combined with neutral bases. Discover in this post different sizes and ways to use this type of tile to decorate your spaces.

In bathrooms

The most successful proposal is to use them to frame the sink area. From Dune we propose our Alfama decoration in blue tones in 30×90 size and Stella in 20×20 size.

Alfama 30x90stella coral, Minimal chic collection

In kitchens

The use of encaustics as backsplash, is one of the most widespread uses, as we see in the example of our Chiado decoration. However, the most daring can bet on decorating a full wall, as it happens with the proposal in which we use our Mayolica ceramic decoration of 25×75 size

Azulejo Chiado Dune ceramica

On the ground

The walls cease to be protagonists to focus the gaze on the pavement. The Encaustic floors can fill your space as we propose with our  Agnes grey 20×20 decor, or frame a special area as with Buren, also in 20×20 size

Deco asse de la colección Minimal Chic by Dune

Modern spaces

Although all our proposals are framed within spaces with contemporary touch, we show you an option with our 30×90 Cottage  decorative tile to take the Encaustic to living rooms and work spaces without renouncing minimalism and the creation of modern rooms.

Azulejo cottage+fancy dune cerámica