Spanish Influencer Verdeliss chooses Dune Ceramics for the renovation of her new home

AUTHOR: DUNE · DATE: 10 May 2021 · CATEGORY: News

Spanish Influencer Verdeliss chooses Dune Ceramics for the renovation of her new home

If you are passionate about Youtube, we are sure that during the last few years you have seen the Verdeliss family grow, how not to fall in love with something so adorable? As well as their children, we have also seen their dream grow from scratch: the Verdeliss Home.

The illusion of having a bigger house in where all the family members would have their own space and a large garden in to play in was a priority. A project that, despite having taken longer than expected, has managed to capture the personality of the influencer in all the rooms: from her minimalist office to her brand new zen attic.

But there is something that has marked this project to the end: the need to reform the bathrooms due to construction defects. For this, Verdeliss decided to work with our distributors Azulejos Moncayo. With the help of Roland, who advised her during the lockdown, she managed to move into her new home last summer.

From Dune Cerámica we had the opportunity to participate in this exciting project by providing the wall coverings of two of the bathrooms and the cozy laundry room of the influencer.

Do you want to know all the details of the renovation? Keep reading!

Bathroom wall coverings

As wall cladding for two of her bathrooms, she chose one of our most special tiles, the Atelier White Matt.But she decided to differentiate them by giving a very special touch to each one. Don’t miss the before and after of the work!

But she decided to differentiate them by giving them a very special touch to each of them. Don’t miss the before and after of the project!

Ground floor bathroom

For the first floor bathroom he decided to place the tile horizontally, forming a continuous line that leads the eye to one of the most interesting details of the bathroom, the mosaic of the shower wall, but we’ll talk about it later on.

First floor bathroom

On the other hand, for one of the bathrooms on the upper floor she preferred to place the Atelier in the shape of a herringbone. In this way, he gave the bathroom walls a traditional look but with a stylish touch.

Shower wall coverings

We’re sure you loved the idea of choosing the same tile with two different layouts, but we still haven’t told you about the most special detail of her new bathrooms: the decorative wall coverings on the shower walls.
Verdeliss spent months on Pinterest looking for inspiration for her new home, she knew perfectly the new trends in bathroom decoration and it shows! The latest trend is to highlight areas of the bathroom with decorative tiles, filling the room of personality with a very special touch.

Ground floor bathroom

For the downstairs bathroom she chose one of our most special mosaics: Gema. A sea-inspired covering with a fish scale motif for the shower wall is a perfect choice for a modern bathroom. The blue tones of the mosaic stand out at first sight and match perfectly with the white tonality that dominates the rest of the bathroom.

First floor bathroom

For the shower wall tiles in the second floor bathroom, we opted for a visual play on black and white with Yin. A more serious, but equally modern and timeless design, inspired by the Taoist concepts of Yin and Yang, which are used to refer to the duality of all existing things. Interesting inspiration, isn’t it?

Laundry room wall tiles.

Finally, for the small laundry room on the second floor, Verdeliss decided to protect its walls from dampness with the classic Metro White Matt. We think it is the perfect choice for a small room, do you like the idea?

Verdeliss Home: the final result

Despite having finished this reform several months ago, Verdeliss showed us the whole process of choosing tiles and bathroom reform last April in an extended video. If you are a decoration lover, don’t forget to watch it! Grab the popcorn and write down everything you like in a notebook!

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