Alexander Kononenko, an industrial look

AUTHOR: DUNE · DATE: 11 August 2021 · CATEGORY: News

Alexander Kononenko, an industrial look

With an industrial chic aesthetic, Alexander Kononenko signs this daring bathroom project in Moscow with the help of our distributor Zodiac Ceramica.

This new project is defended with clear masculine lines, using dark tones and straight angles, which evoke a serious character, and a manifest sobriety. The choice of furniture is a very successful proposal, with very marked geometric shapes and few decorative details: fine golden lines that run throughout the room, outlining all the angles.

A fusion of industrial inspiration

This set of furniture has been complemented with industrial-inspired decorations: metallic-looking ceramics that mimic rust on floors and walls. This bold creative approach has been carried out with the Diurne series, based on the fusion of industrial components, in this case oxide effects. The ethnic-inspired decorations enhance the character of the room and combine their metallic patterns with the golden lines that envelop the bathroom.

To highlight specific areas within the room, it was decided to combine tiles from the Diurne Oxide series with a classic mosaic in bright, bold tones that contrast sharply with the rest of the room.
It is a design that highlights the functionality of the room, without unnecessary frills that hinder the daily routines.

City: Moscow, Russia

Designer: Alexander Kononenko

Material supplied by : Zodiac Ceramics