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    Gorgeous brightness, avant-garde designs and the covering reliefs of Medusa Pure Gold, Pure Gold, Pan de oro, Tiffany Black, Absolut, Capitone Argent and Capitone Or... Dune pieces give to the Aura restaurant complex a rich design that amazes all customers and guests.
    Aura restaurant, located in Avenida Ranillas 7 Zaragoza (Spain) is a large complex that has managed to combine elegance and distinction thanks to the amount of Dune pieces that contains in its interior. Resistant and quality ceramics that make up noble and design spaces; completely in accordance with the category of the local. The Manager of the complex, Iván Acedo, assures that "all the decorated spaces with these pieces have been nominated by their customers such us spectacular" and noted that: "the end result in terms of Dune was excellent". Acedo also says that even many people ask where they can buy Dune pieces.
    The project managers were Enrique de Luís, architect, who was in charge of the exterior design of the complex and Joaquín Carbo, interior decorator, who dealt to give to every corner his importance in the comprehensive design.

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