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Back to origins, trends 2015

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    2015 DUNE TREND: BACK TO ORIGINS Dune loves the design, WE ARE DECORATION, which is why we are going to show our 2015 Trends Book with the style and colour trends:
    1. Back To Origins
    2. New Shapes
    3. Frozen
    4. Gatsby
    5. Urban Code
    Starting with BACK TO ORIGINS: for lovers of the real thing, the essential, people who look to the past and appreciate objects and garnments that are unique. It is the triumph of handmade and original things. Always timeless. Authentic aesthetics. Cult of anonymous artisans or famous artists who looked for the real thing, such as Athos Bulcão, the famous brazilian architect who explored the limits of ceramics, were the inspiration for two of our most original novelties: PITIUSA, inspired by the shapes of the curved designs by Bulcão and the Pantone f/w14 palette MANACOR, inspired also by Bulcão, but this time in his diagonal designs and the palette of s/s 2014

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