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In this article we talk about:
    Dune presents the remodelling of the 2014 showroom with the latest trends for the next 12 months. A space of more than 478,4 yr2 ready to be visited. The exhibition is divided into four zones:
    1. Area of rooms: bathrooms, kitchens, lounges and halls among others, with the latest ceramic, stone, glass and wood.
    2. Technical area: with all range of products offered by Dune, more than 750 products!
    3. Area of mosaics: a different and enveloping space in which the shapes, colours and finishes of the mosaics hypnotize visitors.
    4. Basins area: where is the entire collection of washbasins, ideal to combine with the wall tile and integral decoration charged sense.
    Every detail has been designed to make every corner a singular and pleasant place; where modernity, aesthetics and comfort combine. So you can imagine, enjoy and build dream stays. Come and see this amazing showroom! Contact us through our website duneceramics.com in the section of the menu > contact. Further photos

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