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Dune & Groove, new collection

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    Graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in industrial design specialising in glass, from his New York studio Michael R. Golden has been designing in the field of ceramics and glass for more than 30 years.
    Experience in his studio taught him to visualise, explore and develop more artistic designs as he gained knowledge of the mosaic production processes. Michael has worked with top companies in the United States where he participates in general design, creative management, showrooms and promotion and product development. With this background and the creation of thousands of tiles and mosaics for interiors, Michael has an innate visual sense on the size of the mosaic piece and the general scale of a layout for any space.
    Combining this with his overall knowledge of production and passion for processes in glass, stone, ceramics and metal, he creates unique mosaics. The fusion of his new ideas with innovative production techniques results in visually exciting design that include new combinations of materials, finishes and treatments. I want my work to come alive! Groove’s designs, whether big or small, are based on visual movement – they are fluid, taking the eyes on a wondrous journey across a wall or a floor.
    The Groove design is based on feelings, “When I work I simply imagine tile fragments spreading over space. I want the design to be expressive – to visually draw you in from across the room, revealing more and more details as you come closer”. For Groove’s designs I chose a 1/2 curved frequency and then, after many drafts - essentially a dialogue with my paper - I established a general form. We then tested 20 colour combinations, settling on 3 prime choices, SALSA, REGGAE and BLUES.
    • SALSA Combines mainly brown tones in shiny and matt finishes. Several of the pieces also have iridescent applications and the colouring of each is made unique by the way the melded glass is worked and craftsman-formed with a mold. This means that every piece is completely different, enriching the mosaic still further.
    • REGGAE Here we sought combinations of several tones among which we highlight brown, golden and copper tones and craftsman-made matt metallised finishes that strengthen the textures and variations of each piece. The result after applying the same technique as in Salsa and Blues makes this mosaic unique and different.
    • BLUES Our idea here was to produce a bluish colour that recalled Murano glass that combined in a kind of grid, carrying over 2 pieces to create a mosaic with a rustic finish but modern colour.


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