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Elena Maksimchuk, nature and delicacy

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    Today we present Elena Maksimchuk, a Ukrainian interior designer with over 15 years of experience working on beautiful home and commercial interior design projects.

    Elena's work is an absolute source of inspiration that stands out for its fresh spirit following all the current design trends. Besides capturing the personality of her clients in each of her projects, Elena is inspired by the organic forms of nature, which she refers to as "the most talented artist". On multiple occasions, Elena applies the colors that are present in nature: the blue of water, the gray tones of the rocks and the greens and ochers of the gardens to create pleasant spaces that reproduce the natural essence of the planet.

    Thanks to this inspiration in nature, Elena is very careful in choosing the products she uses in her designs, prioritizing high quality and environmentally friendly materials.

    Elena has worked on several occasions with Dune products, which she describes as "the icing on the cake" due to the design and personality of her products. The great amount of possibilities that Dune offers makes it a great choice to find the perfect color and shape that fits the character that the client wants in each of its spaces.

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