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    Daniel Nicholas Flavin Jr. was born in New York in 1933. He enlist United States Air Force where Flavin was trained as an air weather meteorological technician and studied art through the adult extension program of the University of Maryland in Korea. Upon his return to New York in 1956, Flavin continues studying art.

    From 1959, the artist was shortly employed as a mailroom clerk at the Guggenheim Museum and later as guard and elevator operator at the Museum of Modern Art, where he met artists from minimal art. Flavin began incorporating electric lights into his works in the early 1960s with his breakthrough Icons series.

    Having hit upon his chosen medium, he abandoned painting altogether, focusing on light works for the remainder of his career, where he produced installations and sculptural pieces made exclusively of fluorescent light fixtures and tubes that came in a limited range of colors and sizes.

    dan flavinDan flavin

    The use of horizontal and vertical parallel lines by artist Dan Flavin is what inspired the creation of this design. Decorations that comes in two finishes: one with beige tones on the tile Fumo and the other with grey tones on the tile Ferro. Screen printing is integrated with the base to create the design which also provides texture.

    Flavin fumo, Minimal Chic by Dune

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