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Interviewing interior designers: Natalia Vysotskaya

In this article we talk about:

    1) When and why did you decide to become an interior designer?

    Fifteen years ago, having artistic and technical studies, I desired to combine all my knowledge in one and, as a result, interior design started. An interior designer is an artist, a sculptor and an architect only in one person, and they are also a builder, an engineer and sometimes a foreman. All these are very interesting and difficult. It forces us to think, create and take a big responsibility.

    2) What is necessary to be a good interior designer?

    In my point of view, a designer is a practitioner. The more practice a designer has, the more ability they have. It is important to know how to implement this or that decision. The designer's final result is not what they will draw or create it is what they incarnate in reality. All of them follow their way and, in the end, they became professionals in their field.

    3) What are your influences and inspirations?

    I like to travel a lot and choose places with history and unforgettable architecture. That makes me an inspiration. I like to walk for streets and look at everything: old doors, small balconies, mosaics, flowerpots, and thus the incredible things that the new architecture and design offer. Enrich yourself with new visual experiences, original features and solutions.

    4) Can you take us some tips to take into consideration when decorating a house?

    Sooner or later, everyone thinks about their home, where every corner of the room will correspond to their wishes and habits. For some, having an office to spend more time out of the office is important. For others, it is more important to have a spacious kitchen where there would be all the necessary equipment, a large work surface and a guest area. For others, their priority is the bedroom and a sleeping area. But the most important thing is to take into account your wishes to find the right decision.

    5) What (interior design) style is a trend nowadays in Ukraine?

    Nowadays, there are many and very different things in Ukraine. There are classic and neoclassic interior designs, loft and minimalism, deco art and Provence. Of course, it all depends on the customer and their world perception. But the main trend is that design is not for everyone, but for each person, and this is what occupies the minds of Ukrainian designers.

    baño detalles mosaicos Dune 

    6) How important is the decoration for Ukrainians?

    Probably everyone, even the simplest person, feels at peace when he is surrounded by things he likes and beautiful things, surrounded by something, which gives him some happiness. The house we love and where we live in this place. Therefore, we all want to make our houses love them. And the main assistant in this task is designed.

    7) How important are tiles in decoration for you?

    I won't say anything new about ceramics, but it is indisputably one of the most popular finishing materials, which is still important in interior design. In the right combination with other materials and decorative elements, tile creates the beauty and comfort of a modern home.

    8) What does a tile have to have to be interesting to interior designers?

    For me, the most important thing is having high-quality and different products, with creativity. 

    9) Have you used some Dune tiles for your projects, why did you choose them?

    The Dune collections are always the collections of choice in my projects’ creation. Very often, the main accent in the design was a mosaic, and such a variety of collections is not found in any other manufacturer.

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