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Interviewing an interior designer: Flavia Dadalto

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    Hi, I'm Flávia Dadalto, interior designer and passionate about my profession. My biggest project and inspiration is my family! I taught interior design course subjects such as materials, residential and commercial projects. A special moment where I could teach and learn. For six years now, I have been working on showroom projects for coatings shops and consultancies for the implementation of new products. Thanks to that, I can keep in constant contact with the coating materials I have loved and researched since the beginning of my professional career.

    1) When and why did you decide to become an interior designer?

    My desire to become an interior designer came since I was a child. I did not like to play dolls, but I loved to clean the house, to mess up and dress up again. I loved it when I have to refurbish my house. I kept watching all the details and to this day I remember those memories. Since childhood, there was already a love relationship between me and design, and I knew that this would be the profession of my life.

    2) What is necessary to be a good interior designer?

    To be a good interior designer and get to stand out, you must love the profession because we deal with feelings very much and are dream makers.

    3) Which are your influences and inspirations?

    My influences and inspirations are in the client's own lifestyle, innovating and facilitating their routine through design, and the beauty of the project ends up being a consequence of this functionality.

    4) Could you give us some tips to consider when decorating a house?

    Each project is unique. There is no rule to design. There are residential projects that my inspiration can from a furniture that has been part of the family for generations. For toilets usually, start with some coating or detail that the customer is charmed. The design is very dynamic. It requires innovation always.

    5) Which style (in interiors) is on trend right now in Brazil?

    Brazil is an enormous country, home to renowned designers, and each region has its characteristics in relation to design. The north and northeast regions have a more bare, rustic and colourful design. Already the southern region, one perceives great European influence in the architecture and elegant furniture.We have varied backgrounds that are responsible for creating our identity in designing, and we have been able to apply this mix of culture to design very well.

    6)How important is decoration for Brazilian people?

    Today the Brazilian decoration does not only reach the high social class. People are realizing that design can improve the quality of life, and a conscious design has a better cost-benefit. The population that previously had no access to a designer, today makes savings and loans to have a project that will best solve your space.

    7)How important are tiles in decoration for you?

    Coatings have a functional and visual importance in a project. They can be discreet or protagonists of space. And today we are privileged to have numerous models with styles and values for all tastes. The coating is no longer only in kitchens and bathrooms and now we find it all over the house, even in furniture, making it a key piece for decoration.

    Proyecto Flavia dadalto

    8)What should a tile have, to be interesting for interior designers?

    I believe that in Brazil professionals are in a more technical posture, which goes beyond the beauty of the product. The rectified coating, for example, the joining of the pieces must be perfect and the meeting of the drawings or reliefs should give the feeling of continuity.

    9)You have used some Dune tiles for your projects, why did you choose them?

    Using Dune products has enriched my designs. I presented the products to customers in a special way, like selling a jewel. I think the customer should be delighted by what is going to be part of his house. Dune products have a unique beauty, and my designs are unique, unique to Dune. I show my clients that they are getting the best of the coatings in the world, and they are proud to present the house to friends. Seeing a customer made with your home is the best return I can have, and this happens when we combine quality in service with products that are a reference in the market.

    Proyecto Flavia dadalto

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