Categoría: Original Places 26/11/2020

Karime Peña, passion and experimentation

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    Discover the Mexican interior designer Karime Peña, a fantastic example of experimentation and passion for the design of new spaces.

    There is no doubt that Karime was born to imagine new decorative ambiences, having since childhood a creative and thoughtful spirit that accompanies her until today. In each of the projects she has worked on, she has added to her personal baggage more experience, more passion and new friendships forged with her clients, who are in love with the results of her work.

    For Karime each project is an opportunity to create infinite combinations with new mixtures of colors, textures and materials. She loves to experiment and to fall in love over and over again with her creations.

    Through her multiple trips around the world she has been inspired by the different decorative styles and has been collecting materials to include them in her wonderful projects. Among them she recognizes Dune as one of her great discoveries due to the variety of formats and styles of its product catalog.

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