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    This fantastic bathroom, cosy and romantic, with Perlatta mosaic of Dune Cerámica, is located in Poland, in a family apartment of Bialystock. Katarzyna Pytlewska, architect and interior designer, told us why she decided to use ceramic and glass in this project. Her customers and she herself wanted to combine navy blue and glass mosaic.
    The goal was to create an aquamarine effect in the room. For this reason they chose the Perlatta mosaic that stands out for its flexibility, and gloss and matt finishing. Pytlewska was in love of this mosaic when she saw this piece. So she knew that it would be part of its creation. The dedication and care with which has carried out the project is clear to see the final result in the photographs made by Agata Ozorowska.
    A spectacular bathroom at everyone's reach. You can find more information about it on his blog: http://room2love.blogspot.com/2013/08/miosc-do-granatu.html

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