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The Brazilian architect Renata Marques visit Dune’s showroom

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    Renata Marques, a recognised Brazilian architect whose work is characterised by detailed attention and the constant search for beauty and functionality, has visited the principal Dune’s showroom in Spain to discover all the details of the new tiles collections. The architect has taken profit of his recent visit to Spain to choose the principal pieces for her near interior design projects.

    It is important to mention that Renata Marques’ designs are characterised by searching the perfection and taking importance in all details. The Brazilian architect projects spaces that radiate luxury and excellence. A short glance at her style shows that for Renata Marques interior design goes beyond the design of an aesthetic plan. The international architect can create spaces that highlight because of sophistication

    Each of her projects is unique and is defined by the personality and needs of her clients. Thanks to active listening to what her clients want and need, Renata Marques manages to respond through decoration. For this reason, it is essential to know and see the tiles first-hand, as this makes it much easier to know how to choose what best suits each project.

    Materials, textures and unique finishings

    In the showroom, Renata Marques was impressed by the variety of designs, finishings and textures that Dune’s new collections offer. From tiles with the most traditional finishings to the most innovative and avant-garde pieces, we have a broad range of products which are adapted to any style and necessity. Particularly, the architect has a predilection for tiles with PVD decorations, a characteristic that distinguishes the firm's tiles. 

    During her visit, she also goes to the factory to know first-hand how are ceramic tiles elaborated. This part caught Renata Marques' attention, as she had the opportunity to check in situ the quality of the materials and the attention to detail in the manufacturing of each piece. As an architect, she knows that the choice of materials is crucial in any project, and she has full confidence in the quality of Dune's products to ensure flawless results.

    Thus, visiting our principal installations in Sant Joan de Moró (Castellón) was an incredible experience for Renata. There, she can know first-hand how are tiles elaborated and other Dune products, from the selection of raw materials to the final result. She can also talk with the company’s experts, with Diego Ballesteros on the front (Brazil sales manager), who explain to her in detail all the process and answer all her questions.

    Ultimately, the Renata Marques visit was an enriching experience both professional level and personal. As an architect, she could know better the products she uses in her projects and be ensured that these products are of the highest quality. And as a person, he enjoyed the friendly and close treatment of the whole Dune team, which made him feel at home. Thank you for choosing us! 

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