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Elena Maksymchuk is a Ukrainian interior designer, with more than 15 years of experience in home and commercial interior design projects. Her work is a great source of inspiration, thanks to the fact that she always follows the latest design trends. In addition, to make the projects special, reflect the tastes of each client.

To develop interior projects, he relies on the organic forms of nature, since he considers that the natural environment is the most talented artist that exists. Thus, the interior designer uses colors found in nature, such as blue, green, gray or ocher. With this, he manages to create pleasant spaces that reproduce the natural essence of the planet and become pure inspiration.

In addition, his way of working is also characterized by a careful selection of the materials and products that he uses. The choice is focused on combining quality and respect for the environment. In this sense, for Elena Maksymchuk, Dune products are the icing on the cake for projects. The design, the personality of the pieces and the wide possibilities offered by the materials, finishes and formats make Dune tiles a perfect fit for your projects.

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Nature is the most talented artist that exists and a great source of inspiration in projects.

Elena Maksymchuk




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