Gina Rosete


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Architect Gina Rosete, trained at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and Anahuac University, leads the Tropiqa Design Studio. With more than 20 years of experience, the architect has developed large hotel projects in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, the United States and Cuba.

His creative style is based on creating memorable, fascinating and vibrant spaces, thanks to the design of spectacular environments that transform the user experience and make it amazing. Tropiqa, the interior design and architecture firm that he leads, has a talented team that works, day by day, to be the most recognized and influential company in the sector in Mexico, the USA and the Caribbean.

Thus, their experience supports them: more than 15 years dedicated to commercial and hotel interior design, managing to be a collaborative design studio. Their degree of expertise in hospitality design is more than evident: they have designed around 15,000 hotel rooms for different hotel chains, in 5 different countries.

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