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Karime Peña is passionate about art in all its aspects. Descendant of a family of artists and, guided by her passion and innate talent, she has designed projects for Mexico, Japan, Australia, Spain.

He has always exploited his creative vein, starting in the art world with the creation of a party decoration company. He has also stood out for his television facet. His main inspiration is the client, since in each project he seeks to reflect the personality of the person in charge of it. She defines herself as a lover of color and, therefore, is a recurring element within creations. In addition to enhancing each project, he resorts to the combination of textures and materials that accentuate each space.

From her interior design studio, Karime Peña genuinely believes that lighting can renew space and transform it into different places during certain hours of the day. Light, as part of the design, is an essential part of all the creations that bear his signature. In addition, it uses textures and coatings, creating compositions that nobody dares to propose and, in this way, we create character in interior design. Without a doubt, its hallmarks are being experimental and taking risks, since in this way creative and unimaginable spaces emerge.

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The main source of inspiration is the client: I reflect their personality in the project.

Karime Peña




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