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Michael Groove, a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) with a concentration in Industrial Design and especially glass, is a specialist in ceramic and glass design. For this reason, from Dune, we collaborate in the creation of a series of mosaics that will reflect the personality, aesthetics and style of this American designer.

In his professional career, he has worked with top-level companies, collaborating in the general design, creative direction, showrooms and promotion, as well as in the development of new products. And it is that Michael Groove has an innate visual sense about the size of the mosaic tile and the general scale of the design of the spaces. Both premises, combined with his knowledge and passion for creating in glass, stone, ceramics and metal, make his designs a guaranteed success.

This designer stands out for continuously innovating in the fusion of ideas with new production techniques, resulting in visually striking designs. The key lies in including new combinations of materials, finishes and treatments to achieve a product that breaks with the established.

Michael Groove's designs are characterized by creating a visual effect of movement. The designer draws the sketches and investigates until he finds the perfect combination of shapes, colors and materials. As a result, Groove has created Salsa, Blues and Reggae glass mosaics for Dune.

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The goal of my work is to make it come alive and go through the wall.

Michael Golden




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