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Rafaela Zanirato grew up in a home strongly marked by the miscellany of trends in which Brazilian crafts played a key role. Thanks to this, she developed both strong attraction towards the design of her origins and constant passion for integrating nature and technology. Thus, the creations of this Brazilian architect stand out for their union of concepts in which she puts all her experience at the service of creativity.

Rafaela washbasin and the tiles that she has designed for Dune are proof of this. A creation made with coloured pencils whose leaf printing is used in contrast to the coldness of porcelain, which brings into existence pieces for cozy rooms.

Rafaela Zanirato takes as a reference the renowned Brazilian artisan Clarice Borian, who embroiders the leaves of trees with designs and words. Thanks to this inspiration, the architect offers a washbasin and tiles in which the sewn natural leaves take the absolute leading role.

Her designs for Dune bring the freshness of the Carioca and transmits serenity at the same time. The Rafaela washbasin is an exclusive piece that gives color to the bathroom and if complemented with the porcelain tiles from the collection, it will create a space full of vitality and color.

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Brazilian craftsmanship and the connection of nature and technology are the two fundamental pillars of my designs.

Rafaela Zanirato




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