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Wall tiles > Ceramics > MARMOLISSIMA 30×90 cm. – 187589N


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Country Stock (pieces) Stock (sqm)
ESPAÑA 158 42.66
USA: FLORIDA 75 20.25

30×90 cm./11.8″x35.4″


187589N D915

Amazing decoration, 30×90 cm in size, with lines as a focal point. The black stands out against the white marble, revealing subtle golden threads. Designed to be combined with floor and wall tiles in the Calacatta range.

Dune presents CALACATTA, a range of white marble products with grayish veins that will make any space a stylish and appealing setting. Discover our new SUPERWHITE floor tile models that come in a polished or brushed finish, with a whiter appearance that is suitable for any room.

Go ahead and combine it with any Calacatta decoration!

  • indoors
  • walls
  • shower and steam rooms
  • TYPE OF PRODUCTWall tile
  • FINISHBrillo
  • MATERIALCeramics
  • LOOKMarble
  • SIZE30×90 cm
  • COLOURblanco;gris;oro;plata


IndoorsWall tilesShower wallHigh vapor condensation areas (sauna, turkish bath, etc...)

The finishing of the piece

GlossRectifiedGrado destonificaciónVariación gráficaNo trabar



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