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Calacatta Superwhite, der Marmor von ausgezeichneter Qualität

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    At Dune we do not believe in luck, but we feel blessed to have come across such a versatile marble as the one that forms part of our CALACATTA series.

    Delicate grey veins on a white mantle, a simple idea but with an infinity of possibilities. CALACATTA is the perfect choice both for spaces with modern and minimalist inspiration, and for more classic and sophisticated environments, depending on how they are complemented.

    In 2021 we are facing the great renaissance of the series and we welcome SUPERWHITE, a new enamel for the floor tiles of the series with an extraordinary whiteness.We are also introducing the new double polished finish in large format 90x90, which will give a distinctive touch to the room with a higher shine, and the satin version in formats 60x60, to satisfy the wishes of those who love a matt finish.

    To define the style of the room we have an infinite number of possibilities with our accessories.

    For a trendy finish, metal accessories are always a great option. MAJESTIC CHROME is a perfect complement, as its silver colour blends perfectly with the grey of the marble veins. If you like gold better, ORIGAMI DORADO will give that touch of distinction inspired by the latest fashion trends.


    tendencias decoración 2021

    Modern Glam calacatta Suelo cerámico efecto mármol pulido blanco

    The classic CARINA and BELLA decorations are also a great option, now in a SATIN version in which diverse raw materials are masterfully arranged, generating subtle games of light and contrasts. Two timeless geometric designs that stand out for their richness of material.


    Blanco satinado


    The classic CALACATTA decorations also continue with us:

    CAPRICE is a subtle decoration in which the veins of the CALACATTA piece are highlighted with gold details, which are inlaid in its veins.

    CAREZZA is a delicate piece that imitates the composition of the classic mosaic. It is composed of fine lines, in the manner of a tessera, where areas of shine contrast and with glittering shades and grains with a glittering effect. It is perfect to highlight areas, in a subtle way, combining with the tiles of the series.

    MARMOLISSIMA is a fantastic decoration in which the lines are the protagonists. In its geometric motif, the colour black stands out with subtle golden threads that contrast with the whiteness of the series.

    The MOSAICO LUX is a Roman-inspired decoration made up of small tesserae with an uneven cut, which are randomly polished, giving a special touch to outstanding areas of the rooms.

    Amb CAPRICE 29,5x90 + mosaico ARCADIA 30x30 + CALACATTA 60x120 copia

    Amb_CAREZZA LUX copia


    Brillo satinado

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