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When you use our web page you accept the use of cookies, as this is described below:

Cookies are small text files which are downloaded into your browser while you use the Internet. They are used by promoters of web pages to help users to browse through those web pages efficiently and to be able to carry out certain functions. Since their main role is to improve or enable the use or processes of the web page, disabling cookies could prevent users from running certain functions of our web page.

Cookies are created when the user’s browser loads some specific web page. The web page sends information to the browser, which creates a text file. Every time the user returns to the same web page, the browser recovers this file and sends it to the web page server. Cookies do not contain any information identifying the person.

We use certain cookies which are essential for proper operation of the Web page. This category of cookies includes the ones that allow web page servers to determine whether you are inside or outside the system, to respond to measures while you are in the system and to set up the language of the web page depending on your location. Some services provided by the web page will consequently not be accessible if you do not allow those cookies to be downloaded into your browser.

We also use Google Analytics Cookies to carry out statistical analyses. We use this cookie to monitor and assess the use of our Web page (such as the use of the browser, the number of new visitors and the replies to marketing activities). This helps to inform us of any improvement made on the web page. We should stress that this does not contain any information identifying you personally. You may nevertheless opt for deactivating the Google Analytics cookies. Alternatively, almost all browsers (Internet Browser, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) enable you to change settings to block or eliminate cookies. As was said above, if you block all the cookies on the web page some of its functions will be disabled.

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