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Kitchen mosaic trends

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    Mosaics have been a source of inspiration since time immemorial thanks to their different patterns and colours tha make floors and walls immense works of art that break the monotony of any room.

    Born from Mesopotamian cultures and present in great temples and palaces with their small tesserae of thousands of colours, they can now be taken to any room in our home to decorate walls and floors with any type of material: stone, ceramic, glass, wood, metal, etc.

    Today we want to pay a small tribute to this versatile product in one of our favourite rooms: the kitchen, the heart of the home.

    The kitchen needs to be a clean and welcoming environment, but that does not mean it has to be sober and spotless, we can play with the materials, shapes, colours and textures of our walls and floors with mosaics to give it the personality we are looking for in the project.

    Next, we are going to take a short tour of the different types and trends in kitchen mosaics, will you join us?

    Mosaics for modern kitchens

    Mosaics have continued to evolve over the centuries and have not lagged behind in contemporary design. New materials, finishes and colours are flooding our notebooks of inspiration to bring the best mosaics for modern kitchens into the home.


    The herringbone format is a renewed classic and we see it daily on walls, washbasins, decorations, fashion, and even hairdressing. Its impeccable design is perfect for creating movement in the room, creating unique and incredibly dynamic atmospheres.

    Oriental-inspired decoration is also a trend that has been on the rise for several years and ELLE is the perfect mix of traditional Japanese aesthetics and modernity: small tesserae in herringbone format in aquamarine tones. It is a very energetic, yet elegant option, perfect for combining with whites, blacks and even golds.



    Dots are, without any doubt, another design inherent to modernity. Infinite and uniform patterns remind us of that futuristic fantasy of sci-fi books where perfectionism reigns with rhythmic and exact designs.

    The Dots mosaic manages to reproduce that utopia in your kitchen with its infinite recycled glass dots that combine matt and gloss finishes to make it a dynamic, modern and versatile mosaic for your kitchen. Dots Grey is perfect for dark, modern kitchens, which seek to create straight and precise lines.



    The scales are an innovative format to create fresh and surprising rooms, reminiscent of a mermaid's tail. We keep seeing this format in all the decoration catalogues, very present in bathrooms, but why not give it a try in the kitchen

    Don't miss our Coral mosaic with its precious glass scales where the glossy and matt surfaces are mixed to create playful effects of light in the kitchen. A very special design to give a colourful touch to the heart of the home.

    Mosaico para cocina moderno Coral

    Rustic kitchen mosaics

    Rustic style has made a comeback in recent years accompanied by exposed wooden beams, wild flowers and handcrafted textiles. It is a fact that more and more people are choosing to look to the past to inspire a contemporary home with rustic features and wood or stone detailing.

    Mosaics are not far behind and are making a comeback to reproduce those old rustic kitchen mosaics with an impeccable look and the quality of today's industrial materials.


    A perfect example of rustic mosaic is the one inspired by irregular stone constructions. A type of building that still remains in rural locations and continues to inspire architects and designers to create nature-inspired spaces.

    The Thor mosaic is a piece that stands out for the versatility of its design, which combines pieces of aluminium and stone quartzite to give it a rustic but modern look at the same time. The designer can choose to make a modern rustic-inspired design by combining it with white colours or cement finishes, or opt for a purely rustic design by combining it with aged wood and furniture.

    Project with Thor


    As we have already seen, the use of stone in mosaics results in a finish that is somehow reminiscent of a rustic setting in the home. It is a material that is very easy to transform and create an infinite number of shapes, such as the hexagon.

    Soul is the perfect hybrid between modernity and the rustic spirit of stone with its small hexagonal marble tesserae in shades of white, black, beige and grey. A very versatile mosaic rich in detail to give the perfect touch to the kitchen.

    SMUGA Studio project with Soul

    Mosaic flooring for kitchens

    But kitchen mosaics are not limited to the wall, they can also be found on the floor to create infinite patterns to surprise all your guests.

    Oxford Black and Abbot are examples of perfect floor mosaics. Inspired by Victorian aesthetics, with their small and resistant tesserae, they are perfect for dressing up entire spaces or combining them with small white or black tiles.

    Mosaico para suelo de cocina Oxford Blue

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