Single-family home

The interior design of this home oozes originality and elegance in equal parts. The designer Galina Medvedeva concluded the renovation of a single-family home in which the hall and bathrooms speak for themselves.

A home based on the family’s personality

The interior designer Galina Medvedeva put forward this project with a modern, yet homely look. This was no easy challenge, as the designer would have to be able to redesign a space with 650 m² to achieve the desired result and meet the customer’s needs.

The specific project consisted of a three-story single-family home. The layout is divided, firstly, into a basement with a cinema room, gym, kids’ play room, boiler room and a laundry room; secondly, a ground floor with a kitchen, living room, office, dining room, guest bathroom and garden; and, finally, a first floor with the bedrooms and bathrooms of the owners and their children.

After hearing the occupants’ requests, Galina Medvedeva found inspiration in their personalities. So, the project meets the needs of a young, modern family, who wanted to create a comfortable and stylish setting. It was also essential for the rooms to be clean and tidy, with no unnecessary details overdoing the decoration. As a result, the designer created very open, light and vibrant spaces, so that each room recreated the essence of the family member to whom it belonged.

Tiles that create striking effects

Of all of the areas, the futuristic hallway that welcomes guests is especially eye-catching. This space has a large black panel with touches of gold, designed with the 3D forms of the Shapes range. Thanks to the versatility of these tiles and the perfect lighting, the route to follow is marked out.

As for the bathrooms, fulfilling the request for one to have a shower and the other to have a bathtub, Galina Medvedeva decided to create 2 different rooms that were linked by a distinctive style. The main bathroom is decorated with white and blue-colored pieces and features Aura Agate Glass tiles. This product highlights different parts of the room.

In the second bathroom, located in a sloped area designed for periods of relaxation, the designer used materials and products with contrasting light and dark shades. The Salsa glass mosaic, designed for Dune by Michael Groove, rounds off the room beautifully by exuding modernity.


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