Grace bathroom

The interior designer Alexey Potekha proposes this sober and elegant design for the main bathroom of a private home, in which the color gold takes center stage.

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Grace bathroom: elegance transferred to tile

When designing a bathroom, many projects focus on the people who are going to use it and meet their tastes. However, the designer Alexey Potekha goes further and proposes this design in which the main objective is to create a room designed for any type of person and in which the materials and finishes take center stage.

However, the element that stands out in this room is the gold tile that culminates the front wall and frames the area of ​​the majestic bathtub. Specifically, Alexey Potekha has chosen the Grace mosaic, a ceramic piece with a metallic PVD finish. This feature allows rooms to be converted into spaces with a certain luxurious touch.

With this mosaic, the interior designer creates an eclectic atmosphere. This ceramic piece has an irregular surface and a straight cut, which allows it to be placed horizontally or vertically. In this case, its collation is horizontal to provide the bathroom with greater amplitude. A fabulous result!

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