Verdeliss house bathrooms and laundry room

Designing 2 bathrooms and a functional laundry room for the influencer Verdeliss and her large family was a big challenge. Tiles and mosaics to convey modernity and add a sense of timelessness to a home where durability and ease of maintenance are a must.

Pictures of the project

Verdeliss’s new bathrooms and laundry room: modernity and functionality at their finest

"If there are 2 things that are inherent in the busy lives of influencers, they are modernity and functionality. One the one hand, modernity, meaning the ability to keep up-to-date with the latest trends or technologies. On the other hand, functionality, a clear example of being organized and dealing quickly with the maelstrom of daily life. 
 Thus, the influencer Verdeliss clearly embodies these concepts and she has instilled them in her new home, which we had the pleasure of visiting, hanging around and taking a look inside several rooms."

The influencer knew that she wanted to have a functional house, that would be out of the ordinary, but still reflecting the latest decorative trends. For this reason, matt white is the common theme running between all of the rooms, each bearing the Dune hallmark.

Inspiration and trends

The design of Verdeliss’s new house follows a timeless style, with modern touches. The main aim was to create a new home in which every member of the family had their own space, achieving perfect coexistence.

To achieve this, based on these initial goals, both bathrooms and the laundry room are immersed in the color white, thus bringing a clean, fresh and simple feel. Matt white is the common denominator in all of the rooms, reflecting a sense of purity. To draw your eyes to the Atelier White Matt tiles used in both bathrooms, one has been placed horizontally and the other in a herringbone pattern.

So, these decorative wall coverings create 2 completely different bathrooms but they are in complete harmony. In one of the bathrooms, the Taoist concepts of yin and yang are the focal point in that space. Meanwhile, the second, marine-themed bathroom, provides a perfect setting to create an area for relaxation without leaving the house.

Creative process

The renovation of the bathrooms in Verdeliss’s new house met the need of resolving certain construction problems that had emerged. Roland Garros, from Azulejos Moncayo, put all of his experience at the blogger’s disposal.

Verdeliss and Roland Garros formed a perfect duo to design both spaces, trying out the different options that could fit in well with the house’s decor. To decide on which combinations to use, Azulejos Moncayo provided Verdeliss with all kinds of tile samples, to help give her an idea of what the end result would be like. After designing various combinations, the influencer came up with the perfect tiling for her new home.

All in all, thanks to the tiles, they have managed to reflect the influencer’s tastes and create rooms with personalities of their own. A real treat for the senses!


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