Sales policy


The purpose of this document is to inform our customers about the required data and procedures to follow from the reception of the order to its invoicing. The ultimate aim is to streamline procedures and improve our service to better meet your needs.


Orders to DUNE CERÁMICA S.L. must always be placed by e-mail.

In order to place your order, we provide you with the following data:

E-mail :


Telephone: +34 965 657 400

Address: Partida Rachina s/n. 12130 - San Juan de Moró, Castellón.

Our customer service lines will be at your service from Monday to Thursday from 8:30 to 14:00 hours and from 15:00 to 18:00 hours and on Fridays from 8:30 to 14:30 hours, except holidays.

ATTENTION: Please note that 15 minutes before closing time, no loading will take place.

If you have any queries about your order, the customer service telephone number is: +34 964 65 74 00.

In order to minimise errors and offer an excellent service, the customer must specify the following information on the order form:

  • Name and address of the company placing the order.

  • Name of the person placing the order, as well as their position within the company.

  • Date (and time) when the order was placed.

  • Customer's contact telephone number or e-mail address.

  • Customer order number.

  • Delivery address.

  • Billing address.

  • Code and name of the product, which appears in the DUNE CERÁMICA S.L. catalogue.

  • Number of units ordered per product.

  • Date of dispatch or collection requested by the customer, as well as any details relating to the urgency or maximum period of receipt.

  • Transport method of the order:

    - transport management by the customer

    - transport management by DUNE CERÁMICA S.L. ​courier (urgent or regular), by ​, air or sea.


The order will be prepared so that it is ready on the collection or dispatch date indicated by the customer on the order form. If there is any impediment for the order to be totally or partially prepared on the requested date, DUNE CERÁMICA S.L. will have to communicate it in writing to the client within 48 hours. In case of not receiving this communication, the customer will understand that the order will be ready on the requested date.

All the orders with shipment by courier that have been received and confirmed before 17:00 hours in DUNE CERAMICA S.L , will be prepared the following day. The remaining orders will have a maximum of 48 hours between the date of confirmation of the order and the date of collection or shipment requested by the customer.

Note: In order extensions, the customer must always confirm the tone and calibre or refer to the original order.

The timetable for collection of material will be from Monday to Friday, except public holidays.


The order can be shipped in different ways:

1.- MANAGEMENT BY THE CUSTOMER: The customer collects the material by the means of transport designated by him, under EX-WORKS conditions.


- DUNE CERÁMICA S.L. will take charge of the incidences produced as long as it has taken care of the management of the above mentioned transport, within the conditions exposed in in our transport price list. DUNE CERAMICA S.L. will be exempted from any direct or indirect responsibility derived from such incidences, being limited its responsibility to the assumption of the transport costs of the new shipment.

- In case of delay in the delivery of the services of transport managed by DUNE CERAMICA S.L., the company will pay the expenses of transport of the order, in agreement to the policy of credits that Dune Ceramica S.L., not being made responsible for any other damage or damage, direct or indirect, derived from the delay.



- Returns of materials will only be accepted if they have been previously authorised by DUNE CERÁMICA S.L. of material provided that:

1.- No more than 30 days have elapsed since the delivery of the material.

2.- The return is made within 30 days after the customer has informed us in writing of his intention to return the material.

3.- The returned material is received at our headquarters in perfect condition.

4.- The material is returned in complete boxes, never loose pieces.

5.- The transport cost will be assumed by the client.

6.- Dune will refound 80% of the value of the returned goods.

7.- No amount will be paid if any of the above points are not fulfilled.

8- Returns of cancelled or discontinued material will not be accepted under any circumstances.


Errors in the management or preparation of the order.

DUNE CERÁMICA S.L. will replace the wrongly delivered material, and we will only pay for the costs of the new transport.

Invoice errors.

Claims for price or reference errors in invoices will be accepted as long as there is physical proof of the order and the claim is communicated in writing within the period and in the manner detailed below.

Quality incidents.

Any incident related to the quality of the products supplied by DUNE must be communicated in writing to DUNE CERÁMICA S.L. The client must sufficiently justify the defects attributable to DUNE CERÁMICA S.L. within 30 days from the reception of the products and, in any case, before installing the material.

Incidents due to insufficient stock.

DUNE CERÁMICA S.L. will not be responsible for the consequences produced by a shortage of stock if the customer has been notified. The communication will be made by e-mail or other written means, within 48 hours from the confirmation of the order and will have to indicate an approximate delivery date. Failure to comply with this approximate date will never be cause for an incident.

These same conditions will be applied to the orders of loads by phases, that is to say, in case of insufficient stock, DUNE CERÁMICA S.L. will have to communicate it to the client, in the same conditions mentioned above, before 48 hours from the moment the load is requested by the client.


- All claims must be communicated in writing.

- The claims related to delays in delivery, losses or breakages that depend on the transport service offered by DUNE CERAMICA S.L. will only be accepted if they are communicated in writing before 48 hours from the reception of the material in the place of destination.

- Claims for errors in invoices will not be accepted after the expiry date of the invoices.

Any payment made as a result of an incident will not be reimbursed in cash, but will be compensated in subsequent invoices.

The credit will lose validity once the period of 180 days has elapsed, from the date of issue of the credit invoice.


No claims or returns will be accepted once the material has been installed, and DUNE CERÁMICA S.L. will be exempt from any responsibility in this respect.


The client will have to communicate to the Customer Service Department of DUNE CERAMICA S.L. by e-mail or any other written means, the cause of the incident.

Once the incident has been approved by DUNE CERÁMICA S.L., it will be assigned a reference called Incident Authorisation Number (NAI) and the customer will be informed about it.

In the case of material returns, the customer will state this NAI together with the returned product.


- In cases of returned material due to causes attributable to our management, once the material has been deposited in the DUNE CERÁMICA S.L. warehouse, the customer will be paid according to the terms and restrictions detailed above.

- In the incidences caused by price errors in the invoice, the corresponding payment will be made once the customer has been informed of its acceptance.

- Incidents of transport managed by DUNE CERÁMICA S.L. Depending on the cause we can differentiate:

o Breakages: the customer will not have to return the broken pieces. The material will be sent again at no cost.

o Delays: Only cases subject to the conditions described above will be accepted. Payment will be made for the amount of the transport.

o Loss or confusion: Once this situation has been checked and confirmed, Dune will send the correct material and remove the incorrect material, if any, without any transport charge to the customer.


The prices of the products of DUNE CERÁMICA S.L.. will come outlined in the list of PRICE OF SALE, these prices DO NOT INCLUDE VAT.

Note: Only in the case of special rates with some customers, these will always be the ones that will prevail in time and form.

The prices of the transport services managed by DUNE CERÁMICA S.L. will be fixed in an independent price list, taxes and fees not included.

DUNE CERÁMICA S.L. reserves the right to modify the prices at any time if for reasons beyond its control or market circumstances it deems it appropriate.


Unless otherwise indicated by DUNE CERÁMICA S.L., the prices of the products shown on websites previously authorised in writing by Dune Cerámica S.L, must always be those of the "RECOMMENDED PRICE FOR SALE TO THE PUBLIC". The list of suggested prices must be respected in each geographical area and on any particular day. All online platforms that publish or sell Dune products must inform of their composition, correct use and application of our products, exempting DUNE CERÁMICA S.L. from any claim in the case of not doing so.


The terms of payment offered by DUNE CERÁMICA S.L. will be 30 days from the date of invoice. The form of payment accepted by DUNE CERÁMICA S.L.. is: Bank transfer.

DUNE CERÁMICA S.L. works with credit insurance companies to cover the risk of non-payment of its customers. If any client lacks the risk granted by these insurance companies, the payment of the product will have to be made in any case by means of Advance Payment, by means of bank transfer. In any case, the costs incurred by DUNE CERÁMICA S.L. derived from the claim of overdue debts that the client has with DUNE CERÁMICA S.L. will be paid by the client.


DUNE CERÁMICA S.L. will inform the client of the exclusive terms and conditions for the manufacture of these products. Once the prototypes have been approved by the customer, he/she will pay 50% of the amount as a deposit and order confirmation and will pay the remaining 50% after loading the goods. The customer shall be responsible for the specified tolerance of +/- 10 % of the order placed. This tolerance will be invoiced together with the order. Dune will in no case refund the amounts paid on account if the customer cancels the order.


All promotional material owned by DUNE CERÁMICA S.L. will be transferred and delivered in deposit.

DUNE CERÁMICA S.L. may at any time and at its own discretion withdraw them without opposition from the customer. All merchandising materials that have been paid for in advance by the customer are excluded.

All agreements must be validated with the written agreement that Dune will deliver to each client and that this one will have to return duly completed.

The installation of the displays or other materials provided by DUNE CERÁMICA S.L.will always be in charge of the client, and DUNE CERÁMICA S.L.. will not be responsible in any case for the installation, maintenance or misuse of the displays. The customer undertakes to use and maintain them correctly.

All samples not charged for promotion or environments must remain at least 6 months.

Claims about the state of the promotional material will not be accepted after 48 hours from its reception by the client, being DUNE CERÁMICA S.L. exempted from any responsibility in this respect.

It is important on the part of the client to inform in time of any error in the promotional material so that it can be revised and if necessary replaced.


The DUNE logo is a trademark of DUNE CERAMICA S.L., registered in Spain and other countries.

Using the brand, commercial names, as well as any other identifying sign that is subject to intellectual or industrial property rights, without the prior express written authorisation of its owner constitutes an infringement and unfair competition contrary to the law. In particular, the distribution or commercialisation of the DUNE product or any graphic material incorporating its logo through any written or electronic media such as the Internet or e-mail, without the prior written consent of DUNE CERÁMICA S.L. is completely forbidden,

DUNE CERÁMICA S.L.will have the right to take legal action against the user by all legal means at its disposal and claim any compensatory amounts, including, but not limited to, moral damages and image, emergent damage and loss of profit, advertising costs or any other kind of costs that could result for its reparation, amounts of sanctions or condemnatory sentences, interests of delay, the cost of financing all the amounts in which DUNE CERÁMICA S.L.. could be harmed, legal costs and the cost of the financing of all the amounts in which DUNE CERÁMICA S.L.. could be harmed, legal costs and the cost of the legal proceedings. L, the legal costs and the amount of the defence in any process in which DUNE CERÁMICA S.L.. could be sued, for the causes previously exposed, for the damages and prejudices caused by reason of its action or omission, without prejudice to exercise any other actions that in right corresponds to it.


1. Products sold by DUNE CERÁMICA S.L. are subject to the legal warranty established in Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, approving the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws. This warranty is valid for three years from the date of the ticket or purchase invoice. Please keep your purchase invoice.

2. The original invoice or proof of purchase (showing the purchase date and the distributor company name) must be sent to DUNE CERÁMICA S.L. Photographs of the defective product must also be provided to DUNE. If additional photographs of the material are deemed necessary for our claim consideration, DUNE may request them.

3. For a claim to be accepted, the installation and use of the product must have been carried out following the recommendations provided in the product data sheet and technical information on our website

4. If the requirements for applying the three-year warranty offered are met, DUNE CERÁMICA S.L.'s responsibility will be exclusively to supply the necessary material for replacement. Any other costs involved, such as installation, transportation, etc., may be charged to the customer.

5. The warranty does not apply when a defect has arisen from faulty installation, as DUNE CERÁMICA S.L. does not carry out or supervise such works.

The company is not liable for consequential damages caused by the product defect.

This warranty does not cover damages resulting from transportation, handling, misuse, or damages resulting from normal wear and tear. This warranty does not cover pre-existing defects in materials already installed.

6. DUNE CERÁMICA S.L. reserves the right not to provide this free warranty service if the requirements mentioned in previous clauses are not met or if the information received from the user is false, incomplete, or illegible.

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