Floor tiles

Floor tiles

Discover DUNE's wide range of floor tiles. Unique designs that will transform your project into an amazing place. Combine colours, textures and materials to create sublime environments.

Types of materials:

Our selection of indoor and outdoor floor tiles

Without question, floor tiles are the most versatile and durable option when choosing new flooring, for both indoors and outdoors. Designed to withstand daily use.


Floor tiles

Every day, Dune works to design floor tiles with the finest designs and quality. Our collections of ceramic floor tiles are inspired by haute couture design, always one step ahead of the latest trends in decoration and interior design. The fall of the fabrics, colors and patterns on catwalks around the world are the inspiration that we need to create new floor tiles for bathrooms, dining rooms and even kitchens.

Dune considers the safety of all of the flooring in its collections, performing quality assessments and defining the possible uses for each tile and prioritizing, above all else, the safety of the floor tiles for indoor and outdoor uses.

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FAQs about floor tiles

A rectified floor tile (REC) is a floor tile that has undergone an additional process in which the edge is cut at a 90º angle, i.e. with a straight edge, so that they can fit together easily. This means that each new floor tile has no noticeable edges so that, when they are installed, a single, even surface is created with no visible joints. A vital process for the project’s end result.

Regular polished floor tiles normally undergo a single glaze polishing process, resulting in a gloss finish, but it requires a lot of maintenance to maintain a perfect finish over time.

Meanwhile, a “double polished” finish starts with the surface of the glaze being polished, after which the pores of the tile are sealed with micro-quartz crystals, which helps to give the original glaze a shinier appearance and makes it more durable over time. After this process, the floor tile undergoes the polishing process again, obtaining the final result for the tile: a floor tile with a glossier finish, which is better able to withstand any use made of it.

If you want to buy tiles for the floor of your bathroom or kitchen, in our catalog you will find pieces with the best value for money, in various sizes, colors and finishes. When choosing ceramic floor tiles, it is important to consider whether the flooring is going to be used on a terrace, a bathroom or a kitchen. The end use of the floor tiles will affect the properties that you want your tiles to have.

No. It is advisable for any product being installed as outdoor flooring, e.g. on terraces, to have a lower water absorption rate, frost resistance, good anti-slip properties and good impact and wear resistance.

Bathroom floor tiles should have a low water and moisture absorption rate and good anti-slip properties to avoid falls. You can find these specs in each product’s technical specifications.

The Click&Floor rigid vinyl flooring collection is designed to be extremely easy for customers to install. Because this range is easy to install, there is no need to involve professional fitters.

To install it, all you need are spacers, a rubber hammer, a ruler, a pencil, a tape measure, a utility knife, a block of wood, vinyl adhesive and turpentine. If it is being installed on top of a pre-existing concrete or wooden surface, a moisture barrier is also required. To find out more, view the installation guide and the guide to replacing damaged pieces on our YouTube channel.



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