Margarito Grill Restaurant

The design of this sustainable cuisine-centered restaurant in Valencia is based on recreating a setting that creates a sense of being in continuous contact with the ingredients and the environment. Thanks to the creativity of Carlos Carrillo and Pablo Poblet from Tres Cinco Uno Estudio Creativo, the decor in this gastronomic space perfectly encapsulates local cuisine.

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Margarito Grill, design with the hallmarks of sustainable cuisine

As soon as Tres Cinco Uno Estudio Creativo were tasked with creating Margarito Grill, they knew that the space would have to convey the strong values underpinning the creation of the restaurant: protecting the environment and opting for sustainable food.

Therefore, Carlos Carrillo and Pablo Poblet, the people responsible for devising the interior design project, never lost sight of the hallmarks of this new culinary space, centered on responsible and healthy cuisine, using carefully selected local produce. With this in mind, little by little, they designed all of the decor in each of the rooms in the Valencian restaurant.

An array of colors to represent the fertile region of Valencia

This common thread not only runs through the design of Margarito Grill, it was also the key to choosing the materials, decorating the walls and, naturally, selecting the color scheme. More specifically, the creative studio selected an array of colors with hues that reflected the essence of the land, with ocher, earthy and yellow colors being widely present.

To round things off, Carrillo and Poblet chose touches of green shades to encapsulate the freshness of the vegetation. All in all, Margarito Grill’s identity represents the fertile region of Valencia throughout the seasons of the year, with their respective crop periods.

Design that adds value to the dishes

The designers of the decoration had the clear goal of creating a fresh, natural setting with a Mediterranean feel. To achieve this, they covered the walls with huge, handcrafted tapestries, prints with overhead views of Valencian fields, mirrors and a lot of plants throughout the space.

In terms of Dune products, the Atelier Toffee Glossy tiles give the restaurant personality, with their gloss finish and earth-inspired colors. Installing them vertically increases the wall’s feeling of height and creates a natural setting in which to enjoy high-quality food.

It is worth mentioning the prominence of the huge olive tree that stands in the main room. The numerous round mirrors that create countless sparkles around the room are also worth noting, a nod to the reflection effects of the rice fields in Albufera.

As a result, Carlos Carrillo and Pablo Poblet have managed to perfectly encapsulate the initial idea: to create a space that reflects the land and its produce through materials, textures and designs. All things considered, Margarito Grill, located in Valencia, is an excellent option if you want to sample food made with high-quality produce and enjoy a natural, fresh setting. Table for dinner?

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