Instinto Carnívoro Gourmet Restaurant and Butcher Shop

Instinto Carnívoro is the place to be for meat lovers. Their passion for creating an unrivaled gastronomic experience with meat has been embodied in every part of this space. Enjoyment and a treat for the senses in equal parts.

Instinto Carnívoro, a unique space for meat lovers

The Instinto Carnívoro gourmet restaurant and butcher shop is a gastronomic space that specializes in premium meats. Leading the team, Juan Traver and Adriana Albero offer diners the finest cuts of meat from all over the world. This restaurant is famous for preparing dishes that include a selection of meats that are a feast for the palate. In Instinto Carnívoro, they work to ensure that everyone who comes to their establishment has an unrivaled gastronomic experience. The pure meat concept is ingrained in the brand’s DNA, with meat being at the heart of everything in its extensive culinary offering.

So, in this gourmet restaurant and butcher shop, they are experts in aging and maturation, a skill that allows the finest meats to reach their full potential. Their aging process accentuates the tenderness, flavor and texture of the meat, until it becomes a true culinary gem. In this sense, in the premium butcher shop, they not only offer high-quality products, they also oversee all aspects of traceability (origin, breeding, breeds, slaughter, butchering and the cuts from each piece) to showcase all of the qualities of the meat.

Interior design that oozes elegance and quality

Essentially, Instinto Carnívoro needed interior decor that was on a par with the product they were offering and, for this reason, in Dune they found a design that was a perfect fit with the gourmet gastronomic concept in this unique place. Therefore, in the butcher shop, they have used Multishapes Black pieces to create a meat counter that fully elevates the product, thus creating a display area that will grab the attention of any customer. The same tile is also used to cover most of the store. To complete this part of the Instinto Carnívoro, the Shapes White, Origami White, Japan White and Kioto White tiles are combined perfectly to create a feeling of constant movement.

Once inside the restaurant, there is an understated, elegant atmosphere that goes perfectly with the gourmet product offered by Instinto Carnívoro. The customer can see the cuts of meat thanks to a glass counter where the products are displayed. To accompany the quality of the cuts, the area has been covered with the Grace mosaic, a piece that exudes elegance and provides a chic touch thanks to its PVD golden finish.

Instinto Carnívoro has received acknowledgment in the 3 most prestigious food guides in the Valencian Community: 55 Mejores Restaurantes, Almanaque Gatsronómico and Sustentable.


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