Character and design come together to propose a cement with a lot of personality. Available in three soft, neutral, and complementary colors, and in three formats, Zement stands out for the richness and detail of its texture.

Pieces from the collection Zement


Sobriety, elegance, and timeless character

Zement is a series that combines the smooth texture of smoothed cement with the marks and cracks that appear in fresh cement when setting, giving the pieces a lot of character. Richness, detail, and a wide graphic variety define this series, capable of adapting to different styles. From brutalism to the warmth of Nordic style, thanks to its palette of three neutral and complementary colors and the small hexagonal format piece, timeless and stylish spaces can be created. Use it alone or add a touch of color with our Piccola proposals, such as Kit-Kat or Agadir.



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