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In Dune we offer a wide variety of washbasins and accessories that are easy to combine with all of our tile ranges. Countless colors, styles, sizes, finishes and materials to suit any style of bathroom, from rustic to trendy.

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FAQs about washbasins

Generally speaking, it is important to bear in mind that our washbasins are decorative. Therefore, the only fastening necessary to anchor the sink to the surface on which it sits is the drain valve itself. Thus, the drain valve should not be over-tightened when installing the washbasin, as excessive tension could lead to cracks in it.

In the case of glass washbasins, adhesive or silicone should not be used to fix them to the base, as this could cause the rear protection of the washbasin to break due to the shrinkage of the adhesive itself. In case of breakage, it would affect the finish of the visible face. DUNE does not accept claims for the appearance of stains near the drainage area if adhesives have been used to fix the washbasin to its support.

Glass washbasins should always be handled on a level surface, avoiding impacts and scratches, since, as we have already mentioned, a breakage of the rear protection of the washbasin would affect the finish of the visible face. Likewise, we do not accept claims for finish problems caused by incorrect handling of your washbasins.

Due to their high rigidity, cement washbasins can crack as a result of rough handling, impacts or high pressure in the installation of the drain valve. Therefore, to avoid breakage, these products must be handled with care.

For daily cleaning, it is recommended to use water, neutral soap and a soft cloth. To avoid limescale stains, it is recommended to dry the sink after use.

Ceramic washbasins should be cleaned regularly with suitable cleaning agents and rinsed with water. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents to avoid scratching the surface of the washbasin. In addition, it should be taken into account that the recurrent pouring of high-temperature liquids generates stresses in the material that can end up forming cracks. To prevent this phenomenon from occurring, we recommend not pouring high-temperature liquids on the sink or doing so gradually.

In addition to cleaning with soap and water or pH neutral products, for metal sinks we recommend not using abrasive products to avoid scratching the surface of the sink. As with stone washbasins, cleaning products with acidic/basic pH can cause discoloration in metal washbasins.

As is the case with ceramic washbasins, cement washbasins should not be cleaned with high temperature products in order to avoid the appearance of cracks caused by the release of tensions.

For washbasins with PVD finish it is essential to clean it with soap and water or with neutral pH products. We do not recommend using abrasive products to avoid scratching the surface of the washbasin and to guarantee its appearance. It should be noted that acidic/basic pH cleaning products may cause discoloration of the washbasin.

The valves and siphons for the washbasin we design have standard sizes and, therefore, fit any of our washbasins. In this sense, you can choose the valve or siphon that best suits the decor of the space or personal taste. It is worth mentioning that the valves can be changed very easily and, therefore, allow an unlimited number of combinations both with the washbasin and with the wall or floor covering.

Hand-painted ceramic washbasins are handcrafted pieces in which the product is designed imitating the decorations of the tiles. For this reason and added value, each piece is unique and unrepeatable. If in doubt, the pieces with this feature are indicated in our catalog.


Countertop washbasins

Shapes, textures and feelings. Every day, Dune works to devise the best bathroom washbasins with the finest designs and quality. Our collections of washbasins are inspired by haute couture design, always one step ahead of the latest trends in decoration and interior design. Many of Dune’s washbasins are made to be combined with our most popular ranges of tiles: Berlin, Selene, Karakter, and many more. Dune also strives to produce the best accessories for bathroom washbasins: countertops, basin wastes and traps, made to match our collections and add the ultimate design touch to your new bathroom.



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