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Company Philosophy

In 1993, we arrived with one clear aim: to produce amazing materials that allow you to create unique projects. Since our inception, we have explored the technical and aesthetic possibilities of ceramics to offer different and innovative products, which are capable of promoting people’s originality and self-expression, thus making the world more beautiful, with more intense feelings.

In a short space of time, Dune has extended its creative capacity to new materials and products, turning stone, glass, metal and wood into extremely beautiful and highly unique wall tiles, floor tiles, mosaics and washbasins.

Thus, with over 25 years of experience and with the same enthusiasm and energy as on the first day, Dune has become a leading global brand, highly regarded by architects, interior designers and dealers across the world because of our originality and versatility. Present in over 80 countries thanks to our network of subsidiaries in Argentina, Brazil, China, Spain, the US, Mexico and Portugal.

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Because normality is subjective, we believe that normal means creating a design that breaks the mold

Dune was established at the center of the largest ceramic producing area in Spain, within a business group that designs and manufactures ceramics but with a point of difference: we have always had a special sensitivity for the look and feel of our pieces.


Sustainable ceramics

Our commitment to the environment is firm. We create ceramics in an environmentally sustainable way. We are committed to eco-responsible manufacturing. We reduce our energy consumption by producing our own energy.

Furthermore, thanks to our manufacturing policy, we reduce combustion emissions and take advantage of the possibilities offered by the recycling of raw materials. We also manage our waste responsibly and treat our water for reuse, adding to our commitment to sustainability!

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