La Salera Shopping Mall restrooms

The new area of La Salera Shopping Mall has been given the Dune touch in the restrooms. The Hip Hop hexagonal mosaic draws your eyes to the walls of every room. Modernity and style for a fully renovated shopping area.

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La Salera: trendy fashion, leisure and restaurants

The new area opened in La Salera Shopping Mall is synonymous with modernity and design. This change is inextricably linked with a customer-centered shopping concept. The new areas fulfill the need of presenting the most cutting-edge stores around in an appealing way, while also meeting the expectations of the most demanding users.

So, the bathrooms in this new area, designed by CBRE Architects, also had to hit the mark. Creating a brand experience based around a shopping mall was the main task, to leave a lasting impression on everyone. So, the key element chosen to create this amazing effect was the Hip Hop mosaic, used to cover the walls.

Hip Hop mosaic: style and modernity

All in all, this piece from our Contract collection is the perfect fit for the restrooms in this new area. This hexagonal mosaic with dark shades that are bordering on black combines and highlights the shapes on the floor with a marble finish, the washbasins and round mirrors. Asimismo, los listones de madera ubicados en el techo de la estancia conjugan milimétricamente con la pieza cerámica, aportando calidez y estilo a los nuevos baños

La Salera, inaugurada en 2006, cuenta con más de 180.000m2. The retail, restaurant and leisure area is divided into several floors and it has over 3,600 free parking spaces for users. Without question, a perfect option for meeting up with friends and family.


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