Hard Rock Café New Orleans

Power, energy, strength, creativity… Rock&Roll! The cafés and hotel chain is clear about how important it is to transmit the strength that even its name gives it. For this, a good design is everything.

Pictures of the project

 Hard Rock Café New Orleans, the most powerful fusion between ceramics and Rock&Roll

Following the style of this cafés and hotel chain, the HBG Design studio got this original project located in New Orleans. This city is well-known because of its musical and cultural diversity. This is why Hard Rock Café is the ideal place to show the eclectic nature of this city; in this way, they have wanted to show it in its decoration.

Its eccentric furniture, the flashy wall colours and the bar and wall coating are key to making that Hard Rock Café New Orleans transport us to another planet. The Planetarium piece is ideal for achieving it, especially in the logo’s coating. This mosaic composed of circular tessera in different sizes and dark tones is a key piece to this place. The Planetarium mosaic makes this local power and creativity and, the most important thing, gives off Rock&Roll.

This is essential to the Hard Rock Café New Orleans. It not only has a succulent burger and shakes menu, but it has the most extended collection of rock memorials around the world. So, whatever your interests have, if there is something clear if you visit New Orleans, its Hard Rock Café is a mandatory stop.

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