Luminaa Cocktail Bar

Tiles with daring designs can take you to daring places. Luminaa gets with its aesthetics to move you to another sphere.

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Luminaa is a cocktail bar and restaurant located in Amsterdam. There, both food and cocktails and music make you travel to another dimension. Its decoration is no slouch either. Firstly, we have the bar wall coated by the Platinum Keops tile. This tile in silver PVD and 3D format gives us a modern aesthetic. Furthermore, its aggressive spiky finishings counteract in front of its opposite wall. This wall uses the White Pad tile to, with its 3D finishing, give a sense of calm and modernity with its original pillow effect. Both pieces are ideal to frequent leisure places such as Luminaa.

According to the bathroom, this is no slouch either. Practically covered by the Black Keops tile achieves a groundbreaking personality. It is important to mention that dark and bright colours that overrun Iluminaa help you to move to another sphere. Using this type of tiles also makes the European techno aesthetics palpable in the space. Enjoy!

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