La Torreta 1888

This restaurant, terrace for drinks and nightclub has Dune’s ceramics in all corners. A whole miscellaneous of colours that give life to the new flavours of Mediterranean cuisine.

La Torreta 1888, a gastronomy 360º concept

The gastronomical complex La Torreta 1888, located in Torrent, offers a culinary experience for the five senses. Thanks to the youth team that manages the business are possible to combine a complete family and friends day without moving the large local. Undoubtedly, one of the must-visit places for those who want to enjoy Valencian gastronomy and leisure.

La Torreta 1888 offers a culinary experience thought for and by potentiating Mediterranean cuisine. In this sense, the different spaces that compose the complex have a highlighted rustic with a vintage touch decoration. Thus, creating a perfect environment for every type of event is possible.

Ceramics to potentiate sensations

In this fact, La Torreta 1888 has in Dune’s ceramics the perfect match. Our tiles, all of them inspired by Mediterranean handcraft, achieve providing essence to the rooms as well as add beauty and trend. We have to take into account the use of light for creating effects and sensations have also been very important.

In all the exterior zone, where the terrace and chill-out zone are located, the Tabarca collection tiles assume prominence to attract attention from the DJ cabin. Tile collocation, combining colours and disposal, generates a visual effect that potentiates the space. Likewise, for all the bar zone, the Emporio collection tiles achieve to create a calm sense and hand the stage to the colourful bottle rack.

Similarly, it has wanted to project the connection between the environment and nature sensation in bathrooms. To achieve it, the Agadir Selva collection tiles and Agadir Cotto Claro tiles are combined with decorative rustic-style elements and, thus, generate a savage effect.

In the living room, Stella Coral and Stella Mar tiles have a strategic position, and thanks to the set of lights, they create the pizza zone beauty. In this part of the restaurant, they have also used the Berlin Aquamar tiles to coat the bar. To complete this Italian kitchen space, Tabarca tiles in garnet and white colours cover the pizza oven-zone walls. In the drinks area, the bar features Stripes Mix Teak tiles on the walls. This tile imitates the texture of wood and enhances the rustic-style decoration of the entire restaurant. To complete, in the bathrooms of the nightlife area, the Diurne Oxide series is perfect. Its imitation rust effect is ideal for creating a different space. Congratulations to the whole team at La Torreta 1888 for the result!

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