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Minimalist kitchens: floor and wall tiles to inspire you

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    A minimalist kitchen is one in which the concept of "less is more" is raised to the maximum level. Avoiding chaos and letting order reign is the key to making this room in the house a mirror of pure minimalism. For this reason, it is essential that all the elements that make up the space become a perfect symbiosis. Dune Ceramics, as experts in ceramics, we want to propose to you the trends in wall and flooring tiles to create a minimalist kitchen. An ode to the organization!

    If you want your minimalist kitchen to look like the ones on a magazine, you should not lose sight of the concept of simplicity at any time. Betting on materials and finishes that combine beauty and create a harmonious space with minimalism as a common denominator is very simple if you follow these tips.

    Neutral flooring: the basis of a minimalist kitchen

    The floor is one of the elements that determines the style in the room. Knowing how to properly choose the tiles is the key to give the space a character or another. So, in order to achieve a minimalist kitchen we will choose among finishes that imitate the appearance of natural materials. As a result, our best example of simplicity is the Minimal Chic collection, in which the simplicity and calmness of the geometric shapes infuse each design with personality.

    Cocinas minimalistas con pavimentos neutros
    The Minimal Chic series proposes designs that flood your kitchen with simplicity.

    This proposal stands out for its finishes and effects. The pieces do not lose the Dune essence and together with simple designs, we also present small ceramic pieces that provide a note of distinction to each environment.

    Cocinas minimalistas con azulejos para pavimentos y revestimientos
    Our collections have special pieces to combine with neutral tiles.

    We also propose the options in plain tones in our Berlin series. These porcelain tiles have a neutral chromatic proposal in which Berlin Terra and Berlin Grey tiles are an excellent option to create an infinite floor.

    We cannot forget marble as a neutral material for both flooring and tiling in a minimalist kitchen. In this sense, the Calacatta series offers infinite possibilities to create a perfect space in which cooking will become a very simple task.

    In the same way, concrete is also a very suitable material to make your kitchen minimalist. The Fancy collection, in all its options, allows you the possibility of creating a minimalist flooring, a true reflection of this trend. Furthermore, Nova Cimento also offers the possibility of creating a material floor inspired by concrete. Finally, the Factory series is very suitable for transforming your kitchen into a simple space.

    It should be mentioned that wood is a key element in the minimalist style, especially when choosing the flooring for the rooms. Kitchens are spaces with high traffic of people and with great usability, therefore, many people are reluctant when choosing a parquet type floor for this area of the house. Thus, from Dune, and always thinking about the functionality of spaces, we propose the Click & Floor flooring for your minimalist Kitchen. Set the trend in your Kitchen with these vinyl floors that stand out for their easy installation, durability and resistance.

    Coatings with textures for minimalist kitchens

    We previously mentioned that the flooring is an essential part of the kitchen to get a minimalist style, the choice of wall tiling is no less important. First of all, we recommend choosing a tile that perfectly matches both the floor and the furniture. Simplicity should be the maximized, but in this case, we will opt for tiles that combine sophistication and design. Without a doubt, to achieve this effect our proposal is wall tiles with textures that emulate natural materials.

    All in all, Trazos, from the Berlin series, is a good option to create a minimalist aura and give the wall tiles the importance they deserve. In the same way, Shapes Stripes tiles recreate natural materials such as linen, wood or cotton. They also have reliefs and textures that allow you to create effects of spaciousness and depth in your minimalist kitchen.

    In addition to these floor and wall selections, below we offer tips to inspire you when turning your kitchen into a minimalist space. Let your imagination fly!

    Tips for designing a minimalist kitchen

    If you want your kitchen to be minimalist, we recommend that you follow these interior design and decoration tips. They are easy and without much effort, you will achieve the desired result. Remember that minimalist architecture stands out for not saturating rooms with unnecessary elements. Therefore, you have to bet only on what is essential. In addition, minimalist kitchens have functionality as their hallmark, translated through the use of new materials for flooring and cladding.

    However, here we offer you a list of tips to create minimalist kitchens. Take note!

    1. Ally yourself with the color white

    This tonality is the clear example of simplicity and purity. With the white color it is possible to create a visual effect of spaciousness, while enhancing the cleanliness and harmony of the decorative elements that make up the room. As a license, you can allow yourself to combine the color palette that goes from white, to beige or grey, without overusing the contrasts.

    2. Play with the textures

    Not only does the neutral color scheme add richness to the space, but the mix of textures offers a new perspective on minimalist kitchens. To do this, we recommend creating a miscellany with the floor tiles and the wall tiles. You can choose a rough texture and combine it with another that has a delicate appearance to creating a perfect combination.

    Cocinas minimalistas con colores neutros
    Neutral flooring adds minimalism to your kitchen.

    At Dune Ceramics, our collections of floor and wall tiles are characterized by the exclusivity of the design and by the richness of materials in each of the pieces. In addition, it is worth mentioning that just as colors defines spaces, textures help create differentiated areas within the same room. Therefore, they are ideal to design minimalist kitchens.

    3. Choose furniture with geometric shapes

    If you want a kitchen with minimalist inspiration, we recommend opting for furniture that combines different geometric shapes and offers a sense of order. Thanks to the furniture with geometric shapes, you achieve a harmonious balance and give your minimalist kitchen personality.

    The choice of shapes depends on your personal taste, but what we do recommend is to follow the same line and not make excessive combinations that recharge the environment. Straight lines are always a success to turn your kitchen into a clear example of minimalism.

    4. Bet on functionality

    If in the previous point we talked about choosing furniture with geometric shapes to create minimalist kitchens, we cannot ignore the importance of the functionality of the furniture. Closed pieces, with compartments and that leave the air space free is essential to achieve the desired effect.

    It is important to have furniture that has space for storage and thus facilitate that everything is collected and there are no visible elements that dirty the harmony of the minimalist kitchen. In addition, the fact of having the kitchen neat and uncluttered helps to generate a feeling of cleanliness, something very important for this type of room.

    What do you think of our tips? Remember that at Dune Ceramics we have a wide network of commercial distributors to make your project come true. Do you join the hipster decor?

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