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The best trends in ceramic decoration for this Spring

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    Spring is a renewal and transformation season, and there is no better way to breathe life into our home than through ceramic decoration. In Dune, as ceramic experts, we know tiles are essential items to creating warm and style environments because of this, we immerse ourselves in investigating the trends in ceramic decoration for each season to launch referential collections. For vibrant colours until risky designs, in this post, we will tell you all you need to know to breathe a fresh and modern touch into your home with our tiles. Get ready to inspire you and transform your home this Spring with Dune!

    Following decoration trends can be important for some reasons:

    • To keep updated: trends in decoration are constantly changing, and following the last trend can help you to maintain your home updated and stylish. 
    • Inspiration: trends can be excellent sources of inspiration. Following decoration trends, you can discover new styles, colours, designs and materials that make you create unique and amazing environments in your home.
    • Increase your home value: if you are thinking of selling your home in the future, following trends in decoration can help you to increase its value. Buyers search for modern and actualised homes, and a modern and attractive ceramic decor can be key when it comes to taking a buying decision.
    • Reflex your personality: following trends in decoration, you can find some that adapt to your style and your tastes. It can help you to create a home that reflexes your personality and makes you feel comfortable and happy.

    In this sense, following trends in ceramic decoration and moving to your home is essential if you want every room to look trendy. Therefore as tile experts, we want to present you with the best ideas for decorating this Spring.

    How to decorate your home this Spring?

    In the following lines, we show you the trends in ceramic decoration that highlight this Spring. Take note!

    Trends in decoration: marble effect tiles

    Porcelain tiles that imitate marble appearance are still a popular trend in ceramic decoration this Spring. The marble effect makes an elegant and sophisticated touch to every space. Porcelain tiles are also durable, spot-resistant and easy to maintain, which makes them a practical and aesthetic option.

    Marble is a timeless material that is still a trend in interior design. Porcelain with marble effect tiles is an excellent option for these people who are searching for an elegant and sophisticated style in their homes. These tiles can be used in walls and floorings, and they are available in a large variety of colours and patroons to adapt themselves to any decoration style.

    Trends in decoration: mosaics

    Mosaics is another ceramic decoration trend that is still winning popularity and is never out of fashion. Mosaics can be used to create unique designs and personalise walls and floorings. They are perfect for creating decorative details and can be used in every room, from the kitchen to the bathroom.

    Besides that, there is a large variety of available materials and colours, which makes mosaics flexible and adaptable to every decoration style. Thanks to their versatility they are perfect for creating personalised and original designs.

    Trends in decoration: vinyl wood effect floorings

    Vinyl flooring that imitates wood is a highlighted trend in interior design this Spring. These floorings offer a warm and cosy aspect as wood, but with the added advantages of being raincoats, resistants and easy to install.

    Trends in decoration: small-format gloss tiles

    Small-format gloss tiles, such as mosaics and bezel tiles, are a ceramic decoration trend that is still present in Spring. These tiles add a luminosity and bright touch to every space and can be used in walls or floorings to create unique decorative effects.

    Trends in decoration: geometric pattern tiles

    Geometric pattern tiles are still a ceramic decoration trend. These designs can be used to create striking walls or add a style touch to any space. Geometric most used patterns are hexagons, and, generally, they are available in a large variety of colours and combinations to be adaptable to any decoration style.

    Trends in decoration: pastel shades tiles

    Pastel tones are a trend in interior decoration this Spring, and tiles are no exception. Pastel shades tiles are perfect for creating delicate and relaxing atmospheres. Moreover, this type of tiles can be used in any room.

    Trends in decoration: 3D effect tiles

    3D effect tiles are a trend in ceramic decoration that, since gaining popularity, has never lost it. These tiles can create a sense of depth and add texture to any space. They also offer the possibility to create dynamism in a room while expanding the visual effect of the size of a room.

    At Dune, we have a wide variety of high-quality tiles and materials to help you create the ambience you want in your home. So do not hesitate to contact us to discover all the options we have for you!

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