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Autumn colors for your home

In this article we talk about:

    As every year with the arrival of autumn, nature changes and so do our homes!

    The arrival of the cold weather always encourages us to spend more time inside our homes and inspires us to create more cozy environments to spend the following months until the arrival of spring. Textiles, infusions, books and dim light take the spotlight as we watch the leaves fall from the trees and the windy weather through our windows.

    After the light summer colors, the warmest and most intense tones arrive, such as caramel, cinnamon or the entire palette of copper and orange, a chromatic range that transports us directly to the forests with its autumnal tones. These shades will be the protagonists on walls, textiles and decorative elements such as baskets, pots, candles and jars.

    Nature also invades our homes through textures! Try materials such as wicker, esparto grass, wool and wood to give a more natural and warm look to your spaces.

    Get inspired by our most autumnal products!  

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