Central flower box - Restaurant Reserva03

The central flower box was conceived as the main focus of this industrial-style restaurant, but with greenery and vegetation as the basis of the project.

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A vibrant, industrial restaurant

The Reserva 03 restaurant, located in Acámbaro, Guanajuato, Mexico, is a large space with a marked industrial style. The architects of the project, Paulina Álvarez and Sebastián Batista, from the architectural firm Arcoied are the architects of this vibrant project, in which Dune covers one of its main focal points: the central flower box. 

As Álvarez herself explains, "we decided that our star colour would be green, as it would give us the warmth that a restaurant needs" and following this decision, they fell in love as soon as they saw the Tabarca tiles by Dune. "It wasn't until we saw the Tabarca Verde that we knew that this was the star element and the only one we wanted to work with", she tells us.

The necessary balance between industrial style and warmth is also achieved by contrasting our piece with different textures and materials such as vegetation, marble on the tables, woven chairs, etc. In this way, this harmony is achieved without sacrificing the most striking and vibrant part of the decoration.

The flower box was born to be the central focus of the restaurant and to make it functional so that the diners would make it their own, being able to enjoy the food at the same time as being part of this decorative element. Here, the Dune tiles create the warmth and welcome needed to feel part of a space and enjoy it with all five senses.

We couldn't love the result more!

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