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Tell me what Bridgerton you are, and I will tell you your Mintons tile!

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    It is nothing new that the Netflix series "Bridgerton" has captured the attention of millions of people around the world. Its vibrant combination between romance, drama, and fashion style has made the young audience (and not so young) watch spellbound with the royal and British court ins and outs. Inspired by the Julia Quinn novels, this period series has revived the elegance and style of the XIX Century in a dramatic space-filler.

    From the magnificent plot in London high society to the complicated and frequently dangerous romances that are developed between characters, "Bridgerton" offers an exciting trip through the curiosity and romance of a past period. With powerful and complicated characters, ingenious dialogues, and a modern soundtrack that adds a fresh touch to a traditional period, "Bridgerton" has conquered the heart of the audience, and it has begun as one of the most popular series on Netflix. All of that, combined with the ingenious narrations, crazy rumours, and necessary gossip from Lady Whistledown.

    Due to it being one of the most fashionable series and taking advantage of the current release of "Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story", we at Dune would like to pay our tribute to the audiovisual creation of Rhonda Rhimes and Chris Van Dusen. Thus, in the following lines, we describe the personality of the main characters and relate it directly to the aesthetic properties and design of one of our tiles. Tell me what Bridgerton you are, and I will tell you how your Mintons tile is!

    Daphne Bridgerton and Catalina

    Daphne Bridgerton is the oldest daughter of the Bridgerton family and the main character of the first season of this series. Her presentation in society and her clear principles to marry by love make her attract the audience's attention from the minute one. Her youth, beauty, and innocence will captivate the handsome Simon Basset, and they will make her the duchess everyone wants to be. Her ambition to find true love and a happy marriage makes Simon find in Daphne full stability, although he is not looking for love and is one of the perfect targets for Lady Whistledown's gossip.

    For Daphne Bridgerton, we opted for the Catalina tile. This model is pure in itself and transports us to the fragility of the protagonist of "Bridgerton". The Catalina tile plays with the arrangement of squares and diamonds and combines with pleasure and delicacy the colours light blue, off-white, cream, and sand. This tile conveys innocence and order, which fits with Daphne's personality, and its chromatic range reminds us directly of the style of this character.

    Charlotte (Queen Charlotte) and Buckingham

    Without a doubt, a character who would stir up the monarchy This energetic German princess, only 17 years old, arrives in England to marry the young King George III. Without knowing each other and without sharing time and space, Charlotte is forced to mature in record time and assume the role she has been forced to play. All this added to Charlotte represents what the Augusta Princess (the King’s mother) has designated as the big experiment: accepting for the first time in British society non-white aristocrats. With all these, Charlotte and Augusta find in Lady Dambury the necessary handbook to prove that, with tenacity and bravery, everything is possible.

    For Charlotte, we opted for the Buckingham tile, not only because of the sense that the palace has in the character’s plot but also because of its significance in the love (and hate) story with King George. This tile, with the colours black, off-white, grey, and sand, is characterised by an eight-tip star. This design represents a radiant sun with eight rays, which we relate directly to Charlotte and what her presence in the palace means for King George to find meaning in his investigations of the universe. The reliability that this tile represents, perfect for restrained environments, fits perfectly with the importance of the paper that Queen Charlotte represents in the plot of this series and the course of England.

    Penélope Featherington and Bellamira

    Penelope Featherington carries much of the weight in the plot of "The Bridgertons" and not because of his physical appearance. No, not for that. Because of her astute intelligence with which she directs the plots of the series, something that all those who have already seen the complete saga know (we do not intend to spoil spoilers for any reader). Penelope is completely falling in love with Colin Bridgerton, but the third of the Bridgertons only sees her as a friend who helps him with his passion. Penelope is the best friend of Eloise, the second Bridgerton daughter, and her sense of humour always helps to normalise the most trivial situations that she has to leave because of being the ugly duckling of the Featherington sisters.

    As it could not be otherwise, the Bellamira tile is perfect for Penelope. Its yellow colour, with just the right amount of saturation, is directly associated with the heartburn of her character. Despite a lot of people trying to mock her, especially her mother, Penelope is much more vivacious than that and reinvents herself every day to find her place in the British court.

    Anthony Bridgerton and Balmoral

    The current Lord Bridgerton, Anthony, is the oldest brother of Daphne, and, after his father’s death, he assumed the family leadership. He is a serious man, although he sometimes gets caught up in skirmishes. His actions are marked by honour and his family's protection, but he makes the wrong decisions time and again that make him put his foot in his mouth and do not reflect his intelligence at all.

    His character is always looking out for everyone's duties and obligations. However, he does the opposite: he does not find the perfect woman to marry him, and his adventure with the Prima Donna of the opera, Siena Rosso, shakes the family's foundations. In the second season, his relentless search for his future wife will be the central focus of the plot, trapping him in the love triangle formed by Kate Sharma and her sister Edwina.

    In this case, we find his faithful reflection on the Balmoral tile, a ceramic piece with contrasts in which the red and green colours show the contrast between the positive and negative connotations. The same is true of Anthony Bridgerton: he no sooner assumes his responsibilities as the visible head of the family than he loses his mind behind a low-born woman.

    Eloise Bridgerton and Lancelot

    Eloise Bridgerton is the second daughter of the Bridgerton family. She is a young adolescent, rebellious and intelligent, who dares society's norms and finds independence. She does not want her life reduced to marrying and being a mother. Therefore, her way of being breaks with the established canons. She likes reading, writing, and developing a parallel world where she is happy. Because of her curiosity, she spends a large part of her time trying to discover who Lady Whistledown is, even if it makes their value of friendship crumble like a house of cards.

    For Eloise, the Lancelot tile is perfect. This design is inspired by the legend of the most loyal horseman of the Round Table. Lancelot starred in the most epic battles of King Arthur's history, and his lively defence of his principles makes him a great example of self-improvement. Furthermore, these tile tones are perfect for reflecting the most rebellious adolescent in Bridgerton.

    Colin Bridgerton and Harriet

    Following the male saga, Colin Bridgerton is the third son of the Bridgerton family. His personality is capable of neutralising his big brother's personality (the second one), Benedict Bridgerton. Colin Bridgerton is the crush of Penelope Featherington, even if for him there is no more than mere friendship and interest for him to help with the courtship. He is in love with Marina Thompson, Penelope’s cousin, who only uses him to hide her reality.

    His friendly and loveable character leads us to relate him directly to the aesthetics of the Harriet tile, a simple yet elegant design that stands out for its chromatic balance between green and blue. And that is precisely Colin Bridgerton's personality: his actions are always marked by the constant struggle between reason and heart.

    Benedict Bridgerton and Mintons Old White 

    The second son of the Bridgerton family is the perfect son, brother, and husband. Husband? Well, for the time being, this facet has gone largely unnoticed by the public, but those who have read the novel of his story will surely agree that it is true love. For the time being, his importance in the series has been absorbed by his brothers. His character is closest to Eloise’s, always avoiding the social commitments imposed by the court.

    Away from the lavish world of parties and balls in the palace, Benedict shows a great interest in the world of art and culture. His artistic interests led him to live in a very different and separate environment from what his mother would have wanted for him. Similarly, and returning to the field of love, the second of the Bridgertons experiences a fleeting romance with Madame Delacroix, the young dressmaker who is in charge of the costumes of all the courtesans and in whose workshop the most important secrets of the saga are told.

    Due to his great capacity for adaptation, we have chosen the Mintons Old White tile for Benedict Bridgerton, the basic tile of this collection, which combines perfectly with all the designs. That is precisely what this character embodies: he is capable of blending in with the environment and adapting to any situation.

    Lady Danbury and Canterbury

    Lady Danbury not only plays an important role in all of history but also in the new instalment dedicated to Queen Charlotte. This feminine figure is one of the most influential ones in London's high society; she is the first non-white woman to be a member of the Queen’s court. Furthermore, she plays Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings, the handsome young man for whom all marriageable women yearn and long to marry.

    Lady Danbury is a strong and clever woman, made by herself. Thanks to the marriage between Queen Charlotte and King George, she gets a social position and the richness that she always missed because she becomes the partner of Princess Augusta (King George’s mother). Her witty character allows her to get involved in other people's affairs without her opinion bothering them. Thus, her presence is synonymous with power and sobriety, something she has earned through her interventions over time.

    For this reason, we chose the Canterbury tile for Lady Danbury. A majestic combination of equilateral triangles in black, cream, sand, and no-white colours results in a purely balanced outcome. If we close our eyes, we can see in them the personality of this feminine character who is capable of shaking the foundations of any aristocratic saga.

    Lady Violet Bridgerton and Victorian

    To end up, we cannot forget the Bridgerton matriarch, Lady Violet Bridgerton. She married in love with her husband and therefore defended the marriage with love. After her husband's untimely death, Lady Bridgerton was left to care for her seven children. At all times, she is mindful that she is beholden to the Queen's court and that her job is to educate her sons and daughters to become the future British aristocracy.

    Her character successfully combines the sweetness of a mother with the poise of the main figure in any family, with social obligations that she knows she must not neglect. Although she always worries about what people will say, her naturalness is one of her hallmarks. If she has to choose between her role as a mother and her role as a family trainer, it is clear to her: there is only one mother.

    We have chosen the Victorian tile for her, characterised by a sweet and elegant design that perfectly combines the tones pink, blue, and indigo. White adds the touch of light that all maternal figures need for a son.

    What did you think of our choice of "The Bridgertons" characters for each Mintons tile? Don't forget that this series of porcelain tiles fuses tradition and the avant-garde. The design of this collection is inspired by the hydraulic mosaics of the Victorian era. Mintons is a tile with pre-cuts that imitate mosaic tesserae and, therefore, pay homage to the work in which the craftsman created the tesserae by mixing marble powder, cement, sand, and coloured pigments. This series of tiles is characterised by its versatility and variety of patterns and colours. Moreover, thanks to the evolution of manufacturing techniques, these tiles are a clear example of resistance and solidity, suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

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