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Fresh colors for summer bathrooms

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    Do you want to turn your bathroom into a refreshing and peaceful space? Read on to find out the decorative keys that will make your bathroom a room full of fresh colors with a summer aura.

    An oasis in the busy city

    Stress is one of the most common symptoms of the hectic city life: schedules, transports, pressures and calendars lead us to need a moment of rest. When we get home, we need our environment to embrace us and take us away from the routine.

    Fresh colors help us to relax and lower our heart rate, but they also provide us with the serotonin we need to control anxiety.

    Fresh color palette for the bathroom

    Just as in runway fashion, in the interior design world we aim to create emotions in our customers. We work on sensations through colors and textures to generate the right emotion with our tiles.

    At Dune we already have a lot of experience in creating palettes with fresh colors that bring joy and peace to our daily lives.

    The colors that most attract us to create summer inspired spaces are the combinations of neutral tones with a burst of color that makes the energy flow in the environment. Marine tones, of course, along with energetic colors such as pink and green, will work to help us build a space that is perfect for summer.

    Paleta de colores frescos para baños de verano

    These colors are very present in the small format collections, perfect for bathroom areas for its simple and casual feel. Inspired, as always, by the latest trends in accessories, decoration and haute couture designs.

    Among our most outstanding fresh colors collections we find Berlin, Tabarca, Saudade, Tarantela, Barro and Ibiza. Don't miss it!

    Fresh colors in floor and wall coverings

    Water tones, such as aquamarine, turquoise, sky blue and even navy blue provide a pleasant and calm sensation that, combined with neutral tones such as white or cream, will help us to illuminate the spaces and generate spaciousness in the bathroom.


    Colores frescos para baños de verano

    azulejos tradicionales y artesanales

    Colores frescos para baños de verano

    Colores frescos para baños de verano

    If you're looking for a bolder look, vibrant colors like pinks, greens and yellows can also work to brighten up your new space. Combined with complements and accessories, also in light shades, it will make your bathroom an energetic place in where you can energize for a new day.


    Colores frescos para baños de verano

    Colores frescos para baños de verano

    Colores frescos para baños de verano

    Colores frescos para baños de verano

    Colores frescos para baños de verano

    Softer colors, on their own, can also help us to create refreshing spaces. Sand colors, beiges and whites are the kings in both flooring and bathroom coverings. For a decorative touch, what do you think of this option with hydraulic tiles in cream tones?


    Colores frescos para baños de verano


    A natural touch in bathroom decoration

    To give the final touch to the decoration of your new summer bathroom, do not forget to add details that give it a natural aura. Wooden or wicker details on the countertop or bathroom accessories will give a very fresh touch to the room. Also, if you dare, indoor plants such as bamboo or monstera deliciosa are also a perfect complement to liven up the room. What do you think?

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