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High gloss tiles

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    In our last post we talked about satin finishes with their many possibilities and benefits. But we want to make it difficult for you to choose for your next project, so today we are going to talk about their complete opposite, the high gloss tiles.

    Types of glossy finish

    To achieve a glossy finish, there are two basic techniques: gloss glazing and polishing the piece.

    Gloss glazing

    The glossy glazed finish is achieved by applying a gloss enamel prior to kiln entry and reacts to heat to reproduce an intense and long-lasting gloss on the piece. The final effect is a glossy finish that interacts with the light in the room.


    Polished finishes, on the other hand, are achieved by polishing the tile with a diamond disc, leaving a completely smooth surface with a shine far superior to the glazed finish, where you can see the objects reflected as if they were a mirror. This technique is often used in imitation marble tiles, which results in a compact and resistant result capable of enduring high traffic areas such as shopping centres and airports.

    In Dune we have improved the polishing technique in our latest marbles, achieving a double polished effect, much brighter.


    Glossy finishes are everywhere, in multiple colours and formats that help you create the perfect environment to surround yourself with light.

    Gloss white tiles

    White gloss tiles are perfect for completing a room with a classic and delicate personality, but will never go out of fashion. Light is a must in any room, and the white finish will help you illuminate even the most distant corners of the windows.

    At Dune we have a large number of gloss white tiles in our catalogue, you can try small formats such as Berlin, Metro or even Majestic, which will give a special touch to bathrooms and kitchens. But you can also dare with a large format double polished tile, such as Calacatta, which is always a great choice for large rooms such as the living room, dining room or even the kitchen.


    Modern Glam calacatta Suelo cerámico efecto mármol pulido blanco

    Gloss black tiles

    Black glossy tiles are designed to make a statement with your new space: modern, intense and full of character. Black never gets old and gives the room a lot of energy, it will stay young forever.

    In Dune you can find many possibilities to play with glossy black tiles in your rooms: in small formats like Atelier and Metro, or play with large polished formats like Leonardo or Selene Dark.

    Azulejo negro brillo

    High gloss tile ideas for your home

    The glossy finish is undoubtedly one of the most popular finishes for small rooms, because the effect of the light creates a more spacious effect. They are also a perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens because they are easy to clean.

    Let's take a look at some examples of gloss effect tile compositions in kitchens and bathrooms:


    The kitchen is the heart of the home, where the most important and momentous conversations take place while waiting for the next meal to be finished baking. That's why it's important to create a clean and pleasant environment for this valuable room.

    The gloss finish is, as we have already said, perfect for kitchens as it is easy to clean and disinfect, resistant to all kinds of splashes and available in many formats to get the one that fits your personality.

    We propose you options in small and large format.

    Firstly, you can combine Metro White Glossy with its opposite Metro Black Glossy to achieve a modern finish that can be combined with all kinds of materials, such as light wood furniture and a touch of colour on the floor.

    Azulejo blanco brillo cocina

    On the other hand, you can create an intense and dramatic environment with Leonardo Black, the most intense polished marble in our collection. Fall in love with its copper veins and combine it with the small metallic Slim Copper lines for a distinctive touch. Classic and modern at the same time.

    Azulejo alto brillo cocina


    The bathroom is the most personal room in the home, an intimate environment where we are ourselves. It is important that we find a warm and welcoming space in which to feel safe and secure.

    If you are a fan of traditional looking tiles, glossy glazes and handcrafted finishes, the Berlin series may be a great choice for you. To create a welcoming, dynamic and fully customisable space.

    Azulejo alto brillo baño

    If you are more traditional, polished marbles are also a great option as a glossy effect tile for bathrooms. Cremabella, manages to create very pleasant atmospheres with its soft cream tones. Look at this example with the New Nobile décor for a magnificent setting.

    Azulejo alto brillo baño

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