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Novelties with satin finish

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    Satin finishes are becoming the norm thanks to the quality that they offer to the designs with their multiple possibilities and the positive aspects that their features provide us with. At Dune we have been experimenting a lot with this type of finish, but do you know everything about it?

    Today we are going to review the characteristics of the satin finish and highlight our three new satin marble effect tiles.

    What is satin finish?

    By satin finish we refer to that velvety effect on the surface of the tile that turns it into a smooth piece with a soft shine.

    The satin finish of a tile is defined by a very delicate depth that contrasts with the shiny effect of polished finishes. With an effect that almost approaches a matte finish, they should not be confused, the satin effect leaves a slight shimmer that gives a special touch to the piece.

    The sensation produced when touching a satin-finished tile is similar to the feel of rubbing against a soft and uniform fabric, a pleasant and delicate sensation that is achieved through a particular production technology. This results in a surface with a unique natural shine.

    The most distinctive features of this finish are: its glossy but non-slip finish, its resistance to friction, its uniformity and its low maintenance requirements.

    It is a finish that conveys elegance with discretion. A classic but daring finish.

    Types of satin finishes

    At Dune, we have worked with the satin finish in different applications that have led us to understand all the possibilities of this fantastic effect: from large marble formats to small tesserae in our mosaics.

    Satin gloss

    The satin gloss finish is achieved by applying a delicate satin layer on a shiny surface. A very clear example is our Stripes Mix Calacatta wall tile. A small-format décor from the Calacatta series that is composed of a glossy base of our marble to which fine lines with a satin effect are added to form a simple pattern but with a unique gloss-matt mix finish.

    Brillo satinado

    Satin white

    The satin white finish is the result of the search for a pure, soft and delicate white. The application of a satin effect on a white tile results in a perfect complement that seeks to break with the established norms and the hegemony of the polished finish. The best example of this effect is the new satin finish of our white marble collection, Calacatta. Available in large and medium formats, it will be a delight for lovers of satin finish.

    Blanco satinado

    Satin matt

    The satin matt effect, on the other hand, is achieved by applying a satin coat on a matt effect tile. The perfect example of this effect is our Fancy series, a product with cement graphics that stands out for its pleasant, silky and delicate touch.

    Mate satinado

    Satin colour, which one to choose

    Although we have a wide variety of satin finishes in our catalogue, we are going to focus on the new large format products: Selene Light Satin, Calacata Superwhite Satin and Cremabella Satin.

    Selene Light Satin, in a delicate ivory onyx with cream veins, is a perfect finish for sober but modern rooms. It brings a fantastic classic touch that is counterbalanced by the strength of its veins and the imposing satin effect of its surface.

    Calacatta Superwhite Satin, the classic white marble with grey veins but which, with its satin touch, transcends to an avant-garde plane that breaks with the traditional polished finish.

    Cremabella Satin, a soft cream-coloured marble with intense veins but which conveys a delicate and subtle finish to the room.


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