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The importance of the floor in our house feng shui style

In this article we talk about:

    Feng shui seeks to balance people's vital energy through the distribution, decoration and orientation of the rooms in which daily activities are carried out. Therefore, the home is the key place to promote this decorative style. Applying feng shui to interior design is synonymous with improving energy, balance and positivism, and the flooring used is fundamental because it is the means of connection with the natural elements.

    What is feng shui?

    In general terms, feng shui refers to an ancient philosophical system from China. It establishes the theory on the occupation of space and the distribution of energies, laying the foundations for achieving full harmony in space. Feng shui defends that well-being is transmitted directly to the people who occupy these spaces, offering them an ideal environment to carry out their daily tasks.

    It is worth mentioning that this theory is based on the arrangement of space and the cardinal points, applied to furniture and decorative objects. In addition, special attention must be paid to the use of shapes and materials to create a perfect combination. Likewise, feng shui focuses on the flow of energies and, for this reason, it urges us to make changes in the layout of the room if we notice that something is not going well. This is known as redistributing furniture to renew energy.

    Feng shui as a decorative style has 3 clear premises that we cannot overlook. By following these keys what we achieve is to elevate any project to its maximum potential. The keys are:

      • Natural light
      • Order in the rooms
      • Cleanliness and neatness

    The importance of colour in feng shui

    According to feng shui, colours are directly related to Yin or Yang. Under this principle, Yin colours will attract health, well-being and relaxation. On the other hand, the colours related to Yang will promote activity, enthusiasm or positive energy. 

    In feng shui style colours are used to represent the 5 elements which define the characteristics of each energy:

        • Fire
        • Earth
        • Metal
        • Water
        • Wood

    However, depending on what you want to enhance in each room, it will be essential to choose one colour or another.

    Flooring in feng shui

    After talking about the basic characteristics of this style and the importance of colours in feng shui, it is time to talk about what kind of floors are perfect for creating projects.

    If there is something that cannot be missing in a feng shui floor it is wood. As we have indicated above and related to energy, this natural material helps to directly connect energies. Therefore, choosing a floor with these characteristics will be fundamental. So now you know: choose wood if you want your house to exude feng shui style.

    However, if you are concerned about the appearance and durability of the material and want your feng shui floor to look as good as the first day, we recommend you choose a wood effect floor instead of traditional parquet, which requires maintenance and care.

    An alternative option is a ceramic floor with a wood-effect finish. This type of tile has a look that perfectly imitates this natural material and has a high performance that can only be achieved with ceramic. These tiles are resistant to the passage of time, are easy to maintain and are very easy to clean. For this reason, ceramic tiles are the right choice if you want your flooring to be as intact as it was on the first day.

    However, if what you want is speed and ease of installation, wood effect vinyl floors are what you are looking for. Click&Floor floors have a very fast and practical installation, as they can be laid on most floors with hardly any preparation. Its hermetic click system reinforces the union between planks, allowing a fast and safe installation.

    fast and safe installation.

    It is also very easy to maintain. It is easy to clean using hoovers and conventional products. Therefore, it is the perfect solution for quick renovations in homes and
    and commercial premises: just lay it and it's ready to use.

    Wood effect vinyl flooring is resistant to temperature changes. In addition, it has a layer that protects against heavy furniture marks and scratches, making it ideal for homes with pets. This type of flooring offers a very cosy look, thanks to its finish that emulates natural wood and has no joints or transitions and therefore creates an infinite finish.

    Feng shui tips beyond the floor

    After addressing the subject of flooring, we do not want to overlook other aspects that directly influence an interior design project with feng shui style. Therefore, we will address other aspects that are important:

        • Mirrors in feng shui decoration:

    The placement of mirrors, based on feng shui theories, is key. These elements are important in a room and their placement is essential to maintain balance and well-being. For example, it is not advisable to place a mirror in front of the bed, as the energy of the reflection is not conducive to rest and does not help to maintain calm.

        • Indoor plants for corners:

    According to feng shui theories, the corners of the house are trouble spots because they are not conducive to energy flow. It is therefore advisable to place houseplants in these areas to provide the necessary vitality.

        • The importance of ventilation in feng shui:

    Ventilating the house on a daily basis is not only important on a general level, but in feng shui it becomes indispensable to allow light and warmth to enter the rooms. This fills the house with vitality.

    We hope you find these tips useful!

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