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Large-format porcelain marble: versatility and durability to a sophisticated decoration

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    Large-format porcelain marble is a rising trend in the ceramic sector. An increasing number of consumers opt for these materials to clad their homes and create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. Talking about design level, interior design professionals also tip the balance in favour of this type of pieces because of the possibilities that they offer and the visual impact result that they create. Accordingly, porcelain marble tiles are one of the most popular options. Then, we thus explain to you why choose large-format porcelain marble tiles for your home.

    What are marble effect tiles?

    Marble effect tiles are ceramic pieces which imitate natural marble appearance. Thanks to digital print new technologies and leading-edge industrial techniques, today is possible to obtain a realistic result that reproduces marble texture, colour and seams.

    Large-format porcelain tiles also allow the creation of continuous, seamless surfaces, increasing the sense of continuity and uniformity. Accordingly, aesthetically, large-format marbles generate a visual effect in rich shades.

    Why use large-format porcelain marble in decoration?

    Large-format marble effect tiles have a lot of advantages over other options in lining or flooring. Some of the most outstanding options are the following ones:

    • Durability: porcelain tiles are wear, bump and scratch resistant, which is the reason why they are a durability option. They are also made with high-quality materials which can withstand diary wear without damage.

    • Maintenance: thanks to their composition, large-format porcelain marbles are really easy to clean and maintain, since they do not need any special care. You only need water and neutral soap to keep the first-day appearance.

    • Versatility: large-format porcelain marble can be used in any house room, both on the wall and on the floor. There are also many designs and different coatings, so it is possible to find an option adaptable to any decorative style.

    • Attractiveness: porcelain marble tiles have an elegant and sophisticated finish that brings a lot of personality to any space. Furthermore, because they are a synthetic material, they do not present the irregularities and imperfections of natural marble pieces.

    What advantages do porcelain marbles bring to a room?

    Large-format marbles are an excellent option for interior designs. As we have commented above, apart from their high-technical benefits, their design is their powerful point. Here, we present you the most outstanding decorative advantages:

    • Visual continuity: by using large-format marbles, a continuity feel in the decoration can be created. This is because ogf the pieces are larger and they also need fewer joints, so the surface is more consistent.

    • Wide variety of designs: large-format marble is shown in a wide variety of designs and colours. This means that it is possible to find an option to suit any decorative style, from the most classic to the most modern.

    • More versatility: by using large format marbles, large surfaces can be covered, which increases its versatility. For instance, coating walls, floors, worktops or other decorative elements can be used.

    With all these things, it is clear that large-format marble is an excellent option for interior design, they have a large versatility and can be used in different decorative room elements.

    Large-format porcelain marble in the Dune style

    In Dune we are always working to offer you the best purposes in ceramics and we release a new format for the porcelain marble collection, intending to meet the demands of interior design professionals.

    New 120×120 cm marbles are, certainly, a very interesting option if you are looking for an elegant, resistant and long-term lining. Thanks to their composition, these types of floors and linings are suitable for any homeroom, either the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom or the bedroom. This new large-format marble also set trends in contract decoration.

    We are launching a wide selection of models and finishes to give life to your decoration projects. Our most emblematic marbles, now in large format 120×120 cm:

    What are you waiting for take the plunge?

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