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Mix&Match: matt and gloss black tiles for walls and floors

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    There are decoration projects that play with color as a common thread and, around which, all the decorative elements revolve. Generally, and based on the style of the decorator in charge of the project or the taste of the client, one color or another will prevail, although it is true that black and white are two of the most acclaimed tones. At Dune, as ceramic specialists, we analyze the latest trends in matt black and gloss tiles for walls and floors. Are you one of those from all to black?

    As far as black tiles are concerned, we find 2 main types: those with a matte finish and those with a gloss finish. Choosing one type or another of ceramic piece is essential to ensure that the rooms of a space reflect the desired appearance. And it is that not only the color, but also the finish of the tile is of great importance. Specifically, matte or gloss finishes have different shades and, therefore, it is key to choose well.

    In addition, 2022 trends also mark interior design projects and, it is true, that in recent years, the matte effect has been making its way to become the predominant finish. Although in decoration you should never take anything for garanted, since fashion is a changing phenomenon.

    When to use matte or gloss in a room?

    To choose the right finish for the rooms, we must reflect on what use we give to each space and what type of decoration is the one that most attracts us. Much of the decision will depend on these two factors. It should be noted that since each finish highlights different aspects of a space, while creating different effects.

    Thus, a glossy black tile brings a touch of modernity to a space, while a matte black tile would create a more delicate environment, taking into account the properties of this color. Similarly, gloss black tiles create more sophisticated environments and are a great option to highlight the most prominent area of ​​a room. For their part, matte black tiles respond to more industrial styles, in which ceramics are combined with rustic wood and aluminum.

    Is it possible to combine matte black with gloss?

    When asked if it is possible to combine matt black and gloss black tiles, the answer is simple: there are no limits to creativity. Breaking with the established and creating a decoration according to your style should always be your main objective.

    In this sense, we develop series of tiles that have the same tile and different finishes in order to offer versatility to rooms and create spaces with their own identity. A clear example of this is the Caronte or Leonardo marble effect series, which have matt black and gloss tiles for walls and floors. Similarly, the Atelier series also has a matte option and a gloss option to choose the tile. As a result, combining both finishes is very easy.

    Ideas to decorate rooms with black and white

    If there is any color combination that stands out above all, it is black and white. Totally opposite colors that comply with the popular saying that opposite poles attract. This mix&match favors the creation of interior design projects in which the tile is the absolute protagonist.

    The latest trends point to this color combination in the decoration of the tile itself. A good option can be a hydraulic tile, combined in both colors, as flooring and to cover the walls, the ideal is the small piece. With this option you can combine formats, colors and finishes based on what you like best.

     4 proposals for matte black and gloss tiles

    Shapes and volume with matte black tiles

    The Shapes series has matte black tiles that can be used to decorate any room. This collection of wall tiles proposes tiles with multiple reliefs and 3D volume. They stand out for the versatility of their multiple forms of placement to create light effects to achieve games of volumes that affect the light.

    TOP finish with black ultragloss tiles

    The Ibiza series  or the Forma series offers a more than brilliant finish. These gloss black tiles look for simplicity and contrast.
    They stand out for their straight edges and their design with light waters. Without a doubt, a touch of freshness for any stay.

    Hexagonal combinations with matte black tiles

    If you are looking for a matte black hexagonal tile, the Chicago series and the Exa Charcoal model is yours. This urban-inspired collection offers pieces suitable for floors and walls in a modern charcoal colour. Its great attraction is the high shade variation between the pieces. The best alternative if you are looking for a matte black tile for the bathroom.

    Soulful walls with gloss black tiles

    To close our list of proposals for matte and gloss black tiles, we propose the piece Losanga in black and with a gloss finish. This wall tile stands out for its format in the form of a two-pointed arrow. With this design we bring contemporary inspiration to the rooms. In addition, there is the possibility of placing these pieces both horizontally and vertically.

    All in all, we hope that these lines have inspired you to decorate with matte black and gloss tiles. All to black?

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