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What is the trend in interior walls for this 2022?

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    Immersed in the middle of the year 2022, it is time to review the new objectives and trends that will mark this new stage. Fashion, interior design, design, lifestyle or cuisine are aspects of our daily life that, with the arrival of a new year, always undergo changes. So, from Dune, as experts in the latest in ceramic decoration, we want to tell you about the latest trends in interior walls. If our ideas to create beds without headboards surprised you, this post is not far behind. Ready for the change?

    The trends for living room walls

    The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house. Family life, evenings with friends or leisure moments are organized around it and, therefore, it is one of the rooms that is usually decorated with more care and affection. Regarding the trend in interior walls of this 2022, without a doubt, the marble effect finish sweeps everything. This type of material brings sobriety, quality and elegance to the design.

    It is worth mentioning that marble is a very delicate material for its conservation and, for this reason, the ceramic sector is clearly committed to designing porcelain pieces with a finish that emulates marble. With this, it is possible to create a piece that combines design and technical performance.

    El mármol es tendencia para paredes

    The trends for bathroom walls

    Regarding the latest ideas for decorating bathroom walls, nature has come to stay and flood this room of the house with calm and tranquility. To achieve this, generally, what is used the most are wallpapers, but for those more demanding users, the best option is ceramic tiles.

    In this sense, small-format tiles offer you infinite possibilities. Thanks to their size you can combine them and create differentiated spaces within a room. In addition, there is the possibility of placing them in the shape of a herringbone, in a horizontal or vertical position. All depending on the needs you have in the space.

    La pieza pequeña permite distintas colocaciones y es tendencia en paredes

    The trends for kitchen walls

    Similarly, trends in wall color also reach kitchen interior design. In this case, hydraulic tiles are the best option for cladding walls. This type of tile offers the possibility of decorating rooms with geometric designs and with a retro air. In addition, these wall coverings add color and originality to kitchens.

    Los azulejos hidraúlicos son una excelente opción para revestimientos de paredes.

    The best selection of tiles following these trends

    To respond to the trend for marble-effect walls for living rooms, we propose the new Baikal, Theia&Caronte series, each with its own identity to respond to the style of your home. Baikal stands out for its bluish tones, inspired by icy landscapes. Theia, on the contrary, is a proposal in which golden tones reign. Finally, Caronte proposes copper tones that describe unpredictable patterns in which sobriety reigns.

    As an option to the trend in interior walls for bathrooms, we present the Tabarca series, available in 7 colours and 2 different formats. Its ultra gloss finish adds modernity to any interior design project. Of this collection highlights its relief and detonation among the pieces, inspired by the Mediterranean artisan tile.

    Finally, and following the trend in interior walls for your kitchen, we propose the Berlin series or the Soft&Safe collection, with the Valencia, Gaudí or Doria series. All of them have renewed designs that emulate hydraulic tiles with an old design. In addition, its proposed colour palette allows it to adapt to any decorative style.

    What colours are trends in wall color for this 2022?

    Recently, Tile of Spain has launched a study of trends in which they determined the 4 aesthetic lines that will inspire ceramic, architectural and interior design design in 2022. The analysis, carried out in collaboration with the Observatorio de Tendencias del Hábitat and the Instituto de Tecnología Cerámica (ITC) defines these 4 aesthetic lines:

        • Connecting with nature: organic colours, strongly influenced by neutral shades, which offer a connection with nature.

        • Emotional Indulgence: ranges from soft pastels to deep taupes to create environments that support the emotional well-being of users.

            • Euphoric atmospheres: shades of great visual force that go from primary colours to glossy finishes that facilitate the transmission of vibrant energy.

        • Luxury redefined: rich and dark tones combined with iridescent reliefs as the main chromatic exponents to seek effects of sophistication.


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