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The best tile combinations for bathrooms

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    Choosing a good combination of bathroom tiles is a fundamental task to give personality to one of the most intimate spaces of the home.

    There are an infinite number of combinations to make your bathroom a unique place if you play with the different colors, sizes and patterns present in the ceramic. Each project is different, so depending on the characteristics of the space, you can play with creating effects of larger amplitude or highlight areas to give it a special touch.

    If you are considering renovating your bathroom, we want to help you and give you some ideas following the latest trends in interior design.

    How to choose your bathroom tiles

    Choosing bathroom tiles is a simple task if you know how. One essential aspect is to pay attention to the quality of the materials and choose pieces that can resist the humidity of the bath and shower areas. Not all finishes are able to withstand these conditions and can affect the appearance of the tile over time.

    One of the most important aspects when choosing bathroom tiles is, for safety, high slip resistance. Shower floors should have a non-slip surface that provides safety against potential slipping. In addition, it is important to choose tiles that are easy to clean and disinfect, an essential quality for this room, which usually accumulates humidity.

    Ideas for combining tiles in the bathroom

    In recent years the bathroom has progressed from being one of the most forgotten rooms in terms of decoration to being considered as one of the essential rooms to define the personality of a home.

    From this enhancement of the bathroom area we have found new trends to combine different designs to make the bathroom a dynamic and unique place.

    In these articles we show you some ideas, fresh colors for summer bathrooms and bathrooms with blue tiles.

    One of the most rising trends is to emphasize specific areas such as the vanity area or the shower area with decorative mosaics or touches of color to give a special decorative touch to these areas.

    A perfect example is this design with the new Chicago series using Botanic Cold to highlight the shower area and combining it with other colors from the series: Ocean, Ash and White Cotton to create a unique and special look.

    combinaciones de azulejos para baños

    Combining colors in bathroom tiles

    The vitamin spaces trend is booming with colorful tile combinations for the bathroom. Highlighting areas or creating spaces with great patterns has never been easier. At Dune we work with several series created to satisfy the tastes of color lovers.

    The Berlin, Tabarca and Chicago color palettes are designed to combine all their shades with each other and create very special spaces.

    Berlin, with a soft color palette and multiple decors, combines the trendiest colors such as Flamingo and Aquamar with other neutral colors that work to highlight the more vivid shades of the series.

    combinaciones de azulejos para baños

    Tabarca, a series inspired by the handmade Mediterranean tiles, with crystalline glazes and vivid shades to achieve incredible combinations such as this one with the shades Verde and Blanco Mate.

    combinaciones de azulejos para baños

    Chicago, one of our most special series. A series of urban inspiration with perfectly combinable colors in a matt finish. Its two formats in hexagon and square make the perfect combination to create giant mosaics as in this fantastic example:

    combinaciones de azulejos para baños

    As you can see, combining colors in bathroom tiles is a simple task if you work on a color palette well defined by the product designers.

    Tile combinations for small bathrooms.

    To achieve perfect tile combinations for small bathrooms, it is essential to choose light shades such as white or beige to play with lighting and give a greater sense of spaciousness to the room. Therefore, glossy finishes are your ally, refracting the light will get that spacious effect that we were looking for.

    combinaciones de azulejos para baños

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